A fixed up Alana

Hello girls!
Sorry for the wierd title, I didn't know what else to say.  ;)
Like I said in the last post I decided to name my new OG Alana. Alana Autumn Albright ( Julie's twin). She probably won't be in many posts. Alright, back on track. The other day I worked on restoring her! Here are some pics:
 Doesn't she look better? All she needed was a little TLC! :)

I brushed out her hair, and it took me like an hour. My shirt was covered with doll hair!


Comparison! Do you see a diference?

That's all for today! 


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Hey guys! Today I have another photostory for you! Enjoy.

Today the girls were decorating the house for Christmas. Saige got to set up the ice skating rink, and Doodles, Rebecca's Goldendoodle puppy, was NOT helping.
 "Doodles! Give me that!" Saige cried reaching for the plastic ice skating man that the dog had in his mouth.
"Come back here!!" Saige dashed after Doodles.

And raced past Isabelle and Julie, who were decorating our Christmas tree. (A little pink one I keep in my room :))
"That man belongs on the rink, not in your mouth! Bad dog!" Doodles dropped the figure and Saige picked it up.
"Eww, don't do that again." She scolded.

Then she walked back to Julie and Isabelle.
"We just finished. Do you like it?" Isabelle asked.
"Looks fabulous, Iz! Moms gonna be happy." Saige replied.

Then she found Rebecca setting up a snowman.
"Look good?" Becky asked.
"Yep! Good work. Do you know where the other girls are?" Saige asked.
"Hauling in boxes." She said.

"Like the way I displayed it?" 

"Wachya doing?" Saige asked. 
"Hauling in boxes." Hayley said.

"Girls! Gingersnap  cookies waiting for you!" I called.
Everyone looked at each other.

Then they raced to the kitchen.
"Wait up!!" Kit yelled.

Today my family decorated the house for Christmas, so I thought I would do this photostory.
Hope you liked it!


AMAZING yard sale find!!!!!!

    Hi guys!
    So, if you know me you know I love to yard sale. It's so much fun!!
    Anyways, this morning my mom was like, "There's an AG yard sale down the road!" So we got in our car and got to this garage sale with tons of AG stuff. Tons!! And a Kanani doll in great condition!! I was sooo excited!! :D
So this is everything! We had to have it all. I mean for $40? You can't go wrong! So much happiness here :)
It's going to be my Christmas gift this year ;)

Love Kanani. I can't believe I didn't buy her earlier! Fell in love with her a first sight. I'm so happy I have her now!!

I'm so happy we went to that sale. I still am shocked at that price! ;)

I love garage saling, it's so much fun! Especially when AG gets involved ;)

Two new dolls in two days!! Yippe! 

By the way, I decided to name my new OG doll Alana. Alana Autumn Albright. Julie's twin :)

I'm going to go and play with my new stuff :). 

Jana and Kanani signing off, click!


Thrift store find!!

Hey guys!
So today me and my mom did a little shopping, and happened to stop at a thrift store by our house witch has been known to have dolls. ( I actually found Roy there!) So I scanned the isles, hoping to find an AG, I didn't sadly, but I did find.....
 An Our Generation doll!! Yippe! And she's actually in pretty good condition, too which is awesome!! I'm not sure what her name is, so I'm thinking I will name her Mikelle ( my middle name ;))  but,  just in case if you do know her name please let me know by commenting down below. :)

She has a faint mark on her cheek right next to my finger. You probably can't see it, but it's pretty noticeable in person.

Here's the outfit she came in. I don't think it's ever been taken off her, because when I did her arms and legs looked like brand new. :)

Her hair is the problem. I don't think it's ever been brushed! I'll have to work on it.

I think she has a cute face :)

I'm going to give her a makeover once I finish this post. Brush her hair, clean her limbs, stuff like that. I will be sure to make a post I'm finished and show you before and after pictures! Look out for that this week.  And  if you know who she is, please comment down below. Thanks!


~ Jana 


Thanksgiving guests

Hey guys! Happy Thanksgiving! I can't believe it's almost December now. Wow.
 I'm going to be handing the computer over to Julie now. Talk to you later!

"Hey everyone! How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was really fun. Let me tell you about it..."

Ding Dong! Rang the doorbell.
"The March girls are here!!" Rebecca yelled.

"Honestly? Already? They weren't due for another fifteen minuets!" Julie declared as she plopped a stack of plates on the bursting table.

Isabelle, Hayley, Saige, Kit and Becky ran to the door.

Becky opened the heavy door, and there the two girls stood.

"Hello girls!" Rebecca called. "Happy Thanksgiving!!" 
"You too." Amanda March replied and the two girls stepped inside.

"Oh good, you're here! Hi girls!" Julie called.

"Hello." Amanda answered. Her sister Olivia stood stiffly beside her.

"Well? Let's go and eat already!" Isabelle cried and everyone raced to the table.
Later that day...

The eight girls sat in the living room after eating their Thanksgiving dinner, watching tv.

"Hey! I know! Let's go outside and play tag or something!" Saige suggested.

*sorry you can see my plaid shirt in this one. I didn't know how else to take it!*
"Ugh! Tag? Right now?" Hayley complained.

"All right. We should get up and do something, anyway." Julie said getting up.

So the girls trooped outside and into the bright sunlight.

" I'm IT!" Becky yelled.

"WAIT!!" Olivia March screamed. "I don't want to play tag."

"Hmm. All right then. Who else doesn't want to play?" Saige asked.

"I don't. I mean how can a girl in a wheelchair play tag? I'll sit out with Olivia." Kit suggested.

"Neither do I." Hayley said.

"How about we play a different game then." Isabelle called. "How's capture the flag?
"Yes!!" Everyone agreed. Everyone except Kit of course.

Later that day...

"That was really fun, Isabelle!" Amanda March said.
"Totally!" Olivia agreed.

"You two should probably go home. Your mom said she wanted you back by 4:00," Julie said looking at the clock.

30 minutes later.....

"Bye!" The March girls called as they stepped out the door.
"Goodbye! Happy Thanksgiving!" Julie, Hayley, Saige, Kit, Isabelle and Rebecca replied.

"That was fun!" Rebecca said.
"Yep!" All the girls agreed.


That was a really long photostory! I didn't expect it to be that long ;)

Hope you guys had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Me and my dolls sure did :)

Also, I probably wont post tomorrow. We'll see though. It's Black Friday, and I'm going to go shopping! :D

Talk to you later!

~ Jana :)


Meet my dolls!

Hi girls!
Today I took some pictures of my dolls for you, on my iPad, so sorry if the quality is not the greatest. And most of the pics are edited.
That being said, let's jump right in!

 Julie May Albright
Hobbies: cooking, reading, playing piano, taking her puppy, Jasmine, outdoors and taking her pet bunny, Spice, for walks.

Hayley Addison Smith
Hobbies: swimming, shopping, studying hard for school, and taking her dog, Pepper, for walks.
Saige Monica Copeland 
Hobbies: horseback riding, doodling, swimming, taking her border collie, Rembrant for walks and hanging out around the other animals.

Isabelle Hayden Palmer
Hobbies: dancing, sewing, enjoying nature, walking her puppy, Chocolate Chip for walks by Rebecca's garden and playing with her kitten, Stella.

Kit Mildred Kittridge 
Hobbies: gymnastics, reading, and playing with her sisters.
All right, so you might have noticed Kit is missing one leg. She's an old Pleasant Company doll, and not in the greatest condition and I'm planning to send her in to the doll hospital once an AG store comes to where I live next summer :)

Rebecca Joy Rubin 
Hobbies: Drama, acting, making friends as she is really outgoing, caring and playing with her new Goldendoodle puppy, Doodles, gardening and being outdoors.

I have some bitty babies/ twins too, but they probably won't be in many posts.
Paige Mikelle Gilbert

Kate Faith Sayer 

Roy Raymond Rodgers   I know, I'm all about the R's today  xD

And now for some behind the scenes pictures!

Here's me setting up Hailie 
( Thanks to my mom for taking the picture) :)

Roy's pic turned out really well being right next to our chicken coop. XD

LOL! One of our rabbits and our dog wanted to get in on the action too ;)

So there's my dolls! I hope you enjoyed. Comment down below which one was your favorite.
Talk to you tomorrow!