A fixed up Alana

Hello girls!
Sorry for the wierd title, I didn't know what else to say.  ;)
Like I said in the last post I decided to name my new OG Alana. Alana Autumn Albright ( Julie's twin). She probably won't be in many posts. Alright, back on track. The other day I worked on restoring her! Here are some pics:
 Doesn't she look better? All she needed was a little TLC! :)

I brushed out her hair, and it took me like an hour. My shirt was covered with doll hair!


Comparison! Do you see a diference?

That's all for today! 



  1. She looks a lot better now. I have had very few opportunities to fix dolls. Once my cousin's Saige had crazy frizzy tangled hair so I very carefully seperated the snarls, finger combed it, got it wet, then brushed it. Saige looked better, but the hair wouldn't ever be shiny or curly again. Doll hair is hard work.

    1. My Saiges hair is like that too. I finally just decided I would brush it all out, and like you said it will never be curly or shiny again. :(

  2. You did a great job fixing her up! She looks so much better now! :)


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