AMAZING yard sale find!!!!!!

    Hi guys!
    So, if you know me you know I love to yard sale. It's so much fun!!
    Anyways, this morning my mom was like, "There's an AG yard sale down the road!" So we got in our car and got to this garage sale with tons of AG stuff. Tons!! And a Kanani doll in great condition!! I was sooo excited!! :D
So this is everything! We had to have it all. I mean for $40? You can't go wrong! So much happiness here :)
It's going to be my Christmas gift this year ;)

Love Kanani. I can't believe I didn't buy her earlier! Fell in love with her a first sight. I'm so happy I have her now!!

I'm so happy we went to that sale. I still am shocked at that price! ;)

I love garage saling, it's so much fun! Especially when AG gets involved ;)

Two new dolls in two days!! Yippe! 

By the way, I decided to name my new OG doll Alana. Alana Autumn Albright. Julie's twin :)

I'm going to go and play with my new stuff :). 

Jana and Kanani signing off, click!


  1. WOW!! You found Kanani?!?! *littlt bit jealous over here*
    Whenever we go to a garage sale ( not often) I always hold out hope I'll find AG stuff. I haven't had your luck yet with it.
    Have fun!
    : )

  2. Yes, I did!!! XD Yeah, it's not very often you go to a yard sale and find a Kanani doll for $20
    I do too ;)
    Thanks! I will.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Wow! You are sooo lucky that you found all that stuff, especially at that price! I'm kinda jealous right now! ;P What state do you live in? I can never find any AG stuff here in Iowa. Man, do I wish I lived near you! :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oops! I think I just deleted my last comment :( I'll rewrite it
      Honestly, I agree! Iowa? Cool! I've never been there! I'm in AZ. Not to close.

    3. Oh, and you could try going to Cragslist Iowa , looking under garage sales and typing in American girl! It's what we do, and I'm telling you, it works!

    4. I forgot to add this in, but we don't look under cragslist Iowa. We look up Cragslist AZ. :)


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