It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Hey guys! Today I have another photostory for you! Enjoy.

Today the girls were decorating the house for Christmas. Saige got to set up the ice skating rink, and Doodles, Rebecca's Goldendoodle puppy, was NOT helping.
 "Doodles! Give me that!" Saige cried reaching for the plastic ice skating man that the dog had in his mouth.
"Come back here!!" Saige dashed after Doodles.

And raced past Isabelle and Julie, who were decorating our Christmas tree. (A little pink one I keep in my room :))
"That man belongs on the rink, not in your mouth! Bad dog!" Doodles dropped the figure and Saige picked it up.
"Eww, don't do that again." She scolded.

Then she walked back to Julie and Isabelle.
"We just finished. Do you like it?" Isabelle asked.
"Looks fabulous, Iz! Moms gonna be happy." Saige replied.

Then she found Rebecca setting up a snowman.
"Look good?" Becky asked.
"Yep! Good work. Do you know where the other girls are?" Saige asked.
"Hauling in boxes." She said.

"Like the way I displayed it?" 

"Wachya doing?" Saige asked. 
"Hauling in boxes." Hayley said.

"Girls! Gingersnap  cookies waiting for you!" I called.
Everyone looked at each other.

Then they raced to the kitchen.
"Wait up!!" Kit yelled.

Today my family decorated the house for Christmas, so I thought I would do this photostory.
Hope you liked it!



  1. Oh! I love making ginger snaps! They're my favorite holiday cookie EVER! Only sometimes I eat too many and feel sick : } hope your dolls enjoy them!

    1. I know? Aren't they delish? We usually stick to the sugar cookies though :) they did :)

  2. Awww! This is sooo cute! I love your pink Christmas tree! :)

  3. Thanks! It's just perfect for my room because it's all pink :)


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