Meet my dolls!

Hi girls!
Today I took some pictures of my dolls for you, on my iPad, so sorry if the quality is not the greatest. And most of the pics are edited.
That being said, let's jump right in!

 Julie May Albright
Hobbies: cooking, reading, playing piano, taking her puppy, Jasmine, outdoors and taking her pet bunny, Spice, for walks.

Hayley Addison Smith
Hobbies: swimming, shopping, studying hard for school, and taking her dog, Pepper, for walks.
Saige Monica Copeland 
Hobbies: horseback riding, doodling, swimming, taking her border collie, Rembrant for walks and hanging out around the other animals.

Isabelle Hayden Palmer
Hobbies: dancing, sewing, enjoying nature, walking her puppy, Chocolate Chip for walks by Rebecca's garden and playing with her kitten, Stella.

Kit Mildred Kittridge 
Hobbies: gymnastics, reading, and playing with her sisters.
All right, so you might have noticed Kit is missing one leg. She's an old Pleasant Company doll, and not in the greatest condition and I'm planning to send her in to the doll hospital once an AG store comes to where I live next summer :)

Rebecca Joy Rubin 
Hobbies: Drama, acting, making friends as she is really outgoing, caring and playing with her new Goldendoodle puppy, Doodles, gardening and being outdoors.

I have some bitty babies/ twins too, but they probably won't be in many posts.
Paige Mikelle Gilbert

Kate Faith Sayer 

Roy Raymond Rodgers   I know, I'm all about the R's today  xD

And now for some behind the scenes pictures!

Here's me setting up Hailie 
( Thanks to my mom for taking the picture) :)

Roy's pic turned out really well being right next to our chicken coop. XD

LOL! One of our rabbits and our dog wanted to get in on the action too ;)

So there's my dolls! I hope you enjoyed. Comment down below which one was your favorite.
Talk to you tomorrow!



  1. Your dolls are soooo adorable! I love all the pictures you took of them, especially the ones of Hayley and Isabelle! You are a great photographer! :)

  2. Thanks American Girl Place! You're always so nice ;)
    Thank you! I'm actually really surprised they turned out, it didn't look like they would :)

  3. This is so cute! My favorite picture is the one of Hayley. : )


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