A review on Isabelle

A little while ago, Shelby-Grace requested that I do a review on Isabelle. I thought it was a great idea, and decided to do it today! All of these pictures were taken by my family's Christmas tree. :) So I used presents for stands and stuff. :)
Sorry for the bad quality on all of these, I still haven't figured out my camera.
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  Anyways, let's begin!

First off, the doll itself!

Isabelle is truly a great doll and so photogenic! If you're looking for a doll to do photoshoots with, I 
suggest Isabelle.

The thing I love about her is that hair. It's super easy to care for and so soft! It's just the right length. It comes in two twisty thingies, but sadly I took them out right away, so I can't show you guys them. 

Her hair extensions can be a pain at first, but after a couple of times putting them in you will be used to where the clasp- thingies are located. 

The extensions come with this little sheet.

There are three little holes where you slide the three "hooks" in.

You actually can't really tell they're in unless you move her hair around a bit. 
BTW, her hair is SUPER thick with them in.

Moving on......

Isabelle comes dressed in a coral tee, silver capris, gold flats, and coral underwear. 

This shirt is super cute! You can see on side is longer than the other. It comes like that. Isn't the mesh attached to the ballerina's tutu cute? It adds a nice touch.

The pants are really cute and perfect for mix and match, but when you sit the doll down the pants fall down.

These shoes are like the ones in the MAG "Flower Sweater and Skirt" outfit, and they're super easy to get on and off. I love the little bow!

Isabelle's story is very good, and I love the illustrations! 

I have one of her other books, "To the Stars, Isabelle" and it's very interesting. I suggest you read it!

I rate Isabelle doll+ book....
4.8 out of 5 stars! 

And yes, Shelby, I highly recommend you get her before it's too late... You'll regret it! 

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These thoughts are all my own. Others may think differently. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thank you so much, Jana, for posting this review for me! It means a ton to me that you would do this. :) I love Isabelle's books, too! Your review really helped me decide whether I want to get Isabelle or not (I really want to get her now) :D Thank you again! :D

    ★ Shelby-Grace ★

    1. You are so welcome, Shelby-Grace! I'm happy I could do it for you. :)
      I know! That man is a great author. (He wrote the Mia books, too ) :)
      I'm glad you liked it! I say you should totally buy her. RIGHT AWAY!! ;)
      You're welcome! Thanks for being so nice, Shelby!! :)

  2. Very nice review Jana! Isabelle looks so cute!xD

    1. Thanks a lot, Rylee!! It's actually my first review ever! :)

  3. I cant wait to see more pictures of her!
    Isabelle's Hair is really soft, isn't it? I dont own her but i felt it last time I went to the AG store and It was remarkably soft doll hair. I wonder if that makes it slippery and hart to style.... you'll have to tell us, I guess.
    I just love her shirt, but the sparkly shoes and pants really don't strike my fancy.
    May you have many lovely adventures with Isabelle!
    (ah yes- very nice first review. I haven't even tried to do one yet.)
    : )

  4. Thanks!!
    Yes, it can be really soft especially if you use a wire wig hairbrush. I guess I forgot to throw that in. It doesn't make is hard to style like you would think, though.
    Yeah, that shirt is super cute!
    Aww, thanks Gwen!
    Thanks again!! :)

  5. On my blog as a kind of goodbye to Izzy I was asking people to post links of Izzy-related posts they did. Would you mind posting the link to this and any other izzy posts you do before jan 1 in the comments of my triple threat post? (my blog is foreverlovedolls.blogspot.ca)


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