A Tribute to Isabelle ( + a photoshoot!)

Hey guys!
Today I'm doing a photostory and a photoshoot in honor of Isabelle!! She is a great doll, and I'm sad that she will be retiring very soon. But Grace is coming, that's awesome! :)


Saige was daydreaming about a surprise party her sisters had had for her last year, before she retired.

Then an idea struck her. Why not have a surprise party for Isabelle before she retired?

She told her idea to her sisters, and everyone agreed.

Julie got to work planning it out, 

Hayley went shopping and found an adorable dancing jacket, 

Kanani practiced a new hula dance, 

Becky worked on a skit for entertainment, 

Saige made appetizers, 

And Kit tried her best to distract Izzy. She managed!

The day couldn't come soon enough!
Then it arrived. :)

Izzy returned from ballet and dropped her dance bag on the floor.

"Anyone home?"

"SURPRISE!!" Shrieked the sisters, jumping out from their hiding place.



"That was the best surprise a girl could have! Thank you all so much!!" Isabelle cried and hugged her sisters one by one. 


Just to make this post longer, here's a small photoshoot ;)
All the following pictures are edited.

Love Izzy  :)



  1. Love!

    Allie D.

  2. These pictures are gorgeous Jana!!

  3. Aww! This is so cute! I love Izzy's outfit! :)

    1. Thanks!! I tried to make it like a get- back-from- dance outfit ;)


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