Christmas pictures part 2

Hi guys!
Here's your Christmas pictures part 2 post! But first......

 This is what Kanani looks like right now. XD I don't think I can wait until Christmas.....

Anyways, let's get started!

Becky by the nativity scene

Love this  one!

This is kind of random, but I thought it looked pretty :)

You can probably tell most of these are edited

Snowman rug!

Right now I'm making IPads for my dolls using Black Friday flyers! And cardboard. Since they don't have any iPads or iPods yet.

Hope you guys liked! Also, some of you may have read the Runaway photostory draft   (See below) and I think Kanani will play Piper so we may have to wait until January to get started. I think she is the best fit. :)

Bye for now!!

Jana Mikelle  :)


  1. Isabelle looks like she fainted because christmas isn't coming fast enough. : ) I think I'm about to do the same.
    I like your new header!

  2. These are sooo pretty! I love the one of the lights! Your dolls look so cute! :)


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