Friends and Fun- a photostory PART ONE

It's  Jana. Today I have a photostory for you! I will try to spread it out and maybe have it done by Christmas. I can't wait for that!
Let's jump right in....

One boring morning Saige was chilling on her bed, looking for something fun to do with her buddies.

"I found it!" She declared and clicked on a yummy cookie recipe.
"We can bake cookies for Christmas!!"

Saige immediately pulled out her iPhone and dialed her besties. 

"Kaitlyn! Carly! Wanna come over and bake cookies? They have Hershey's kisses on top!"

"Hey Saige! Yeah, sounds great! We'll be over in a sec!" Carly replied. 

Hope you guys liked!



  1. These pictures are really cute!! I'm sure all of your dolls are going to have a blast making cookies!xD

  2. Oh boy! what kind of cookies will they be making? I like gingersnaps and peanut butter blossoms. : )

  3. This is so cute! I love baking cookies! :)


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