Friends and Fun- a photostory PART TWO

Here's the next part on Friends and Fun!! The last part is under this post. :)

"Yay, you're here!" Saige cried and everyone exchanged hugs. 

Sorry for a door in the background!

"Let's get baking!" Kaitlyn smiled.
Everyone agreed and raced to the kitchen.

"Here, you'll need these!" Saige handed her friends two aprons. "I already have mine on." 

Sorry for the cat food in background!

Kaitlyn and Carly put the two aprons on, while Saige got out the ingredients.

"Now, we need two eggs, and a cup of milk in here," she read.

The girls cracked, dumped and poured ingredients into the bowl and mixed everything together.

Carly slid the finished cookies into the oven and set the timer. 
"Twenty minutes and these will be ready!" She announced with a smile.


Hope you guys liked!



  1. I loved this part! Those aprons are adorable! Where did you get them?! :)

    1. Thanks AG Place!! My Grandma sewed them. :)


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