Christmas pictures part 1

So today I took the girls to get some Christmas pictures taken, since Christmas is like 22 days away or something. I think they turned out good! Let's take a look....
 The official 2014 Christmas shot! Like it?

You can't really tell, but they're sitting on a  snowman rug. :)

Like our Christmas tree?

They're wearing this years Christmas dresses :)

You guys might gave noticed that Kit has two legs in these. I just took the fallen off one and stuck it under her tights so she would look better. So that's why you might see her in upcoming post with two legs :)

And you can look out for a part two of Christmas pictures coming soon! I feel like I'm totally in the Christmas spirit now that I don't have to take doll shots on my Nintendo 3DS      XD




  1. The pictures are really pretty! Your dolls look so cute and I love all their outfits! :)


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