More trip fun with Izzy and Becky!!

Hi!! It's Becky here. Two days ago Hayley took a trip to Mom's Great Aunt and Uncles resort (with Mom, of course) . Well, when me and Mom went to pick up Izzy from dance, Mom surprised us by telling that we were going to their resort!! We were super excited.

This is how we travel. Yep.

We just hanged out at the pool :). Us dollies sat in this tote while Mom and our Uncles swam. No fair!

The water looked so nice!

I (Becky) snuck my way out of the tote and sat by the water. I really wished I had brought my swimsuit! Oh well.

While Izzy relaxed by Grandma (my Mom XD) eating snacks and fiddling with her iPhone 6 she got for her birthday.

She is a real girly-girl. I, on the other hand, am not!

Can't forget to lather up on lip balm! Especially while in the sun. Eos lip balm is our favorite! 

Hey girls! It's Jana here. Becky is gone... 

Okay. Is it just me or do her shoes match the tile?

Becky went exploring. :)

Izzy read the pool rules. Trying to catch Becky breaking one, I think! XD

Now for some...
Random Pictures


Yeah, these are just random shots.

The girls hanged out by the pool :)

My shadow! 

Like Becky's outfit? 

Doll feet

Izzy sunbathed next to her dance bag.


Tine for Triscuits!! 

Then back in the car. Bye, resort!

Jana,Izzy and Becky :)


  1. These are so cute and I love Beckie's outfit! Swimming is so much fun! :)

    1. Thank you!! I do also :) YES I AGREE!!!! XD


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