New girl of the year: Grace Thomas!!

I recently found THIS video on YouTube!! Let's take a look...

It's the new 2015 girl of the year, Grace Thomas!! Oh my gosh, I am DYING people! Isn't she adorbs? She looks like a mix of Chrissa and McKenna, which is awesome because I am highly regretting I didn't buy them both! What do you think of Grace?

Also, credit to Carli/American Girl Northwest for giving me the okay for this post! Cause she made a post  about this, too.

P.S. I got nominated for the Darling Doll blog award from Gwen/Alone in Doll World (thanks so much!!) and I should have the answers up soon! Look out for that.



  1. Awesome!! She looks amazing. May just have to have her!!

    1. I know, isn't she great? Yeah, me too!! :)


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