What I got for Christmas- Hearts for Hearts Girls edition!

Hello!! Happy late Christmas, fellow bloggers! How was your day? Me and my dollies had lots of fun.
Well, today I'm going to be showing you the Hearts for Hearts doll stuff I received for Christmas this year! If you don't know what the H4H dolls are, you can learn about them at www.Hearts4Hearts.com  . They're really awesome and I'm super glad I got some of their stuff!


I got the new Shola doll!! Omigosh!! I LOVE her!! :D

Her eyes. So. Stunning. And look at that hair! SO photogenic. Look out for some photoshoots of her coming soon!!

I also got the Ruffle tee and Shorts set!! Yay!! I really like this one. The shorts actually have two tiny pockets on the back side, ADORABLE. Thank you so much, Cousin Emery!!

And then Shola was wearing another H4H outfit (which I highly recommend by the way) so I snapped a pic of my Mosi wearing Shola's meet dress. Super cute stuff!!

Thanks sooo much givers (if you are reading this) I LOVE these sets. Thanks again!



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