AG 2015 release- GRACE THOMAS

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's 2015 now, guys! Yay! My morning's been crazy, how bout yours? 

First thing when I woke up this morning I dashed to the nearest computer, and I found.......

GRACE THOMAS AND HER COLLECTION!! Most of you knew it was coming, but still! 

That leads to what the post is today. I'm going to be showing you items from the new 2015 release and giving you my opinion! Let's get started. 

Grace doll + book    $120

Thus is Grace! I absolutely LOVE her!! Omigosh! I need her. LOVE this one. She will definitely be joining this girl's doll family. ;)
Some people think Grace looks too similar to Chrissa and McKenna, which is true. But I don't care, cause I want both those dolls (especially Chrissa, she's a swimmer like me!) so I know I will have to have Grace. :)

ADORABLE! Sweet face :) Especially love those side bangs. 

Grace doll & book with welcome gifts $152
Sorry for the small picture!

You can also buy her with her "Welcome Gifts" for $152. So pricy!

Grace's Welcome Gifts $32

These are okay... I can't see myself buying them though. Too expensive!

Grace's City Outfit  $34

LOVE this one! I probably will get this. Perfect for mix and match!

Grace's Paris Accessories 

These are super adorable! Love that purse.  It reminds me of Isabelle's accessories! 

Grace's Pajamas $24

These are so cute! They really bring out the blue in her eyes. Look at the bows on the slippers!

Grace's Baking Outfit $34

At first I didn't really care for this, but now I like it more. Looks so comfy, and I love the apron!

Grace's French Bulldog $22

Hmm... This is okay. Cheap price for AG, but..... I'll have to see him in person to like him.

Grace's Opening Night Outfit  $38

I adore this dress!! LOVE!! I might have to buy this... Maybe. ;)

Grace's Travel Coat  $28

This is nice! Comes with no shoes though.....

Grace's Travel Set $44

This is cute! I don't need another doll suitcase, though. I already have two!

Grace's Bistro Set  $85

EIGHTY- FIVE DOLARS?? That's insane! I like this, but will NOT be able to afford it. 

Grace's Baking Set  $68

This is super adorable, but not affordable. I really like this for my dolls, but way to expensive. 
Honestly, AG!

Sorry for the small picture! Apparently blogger is acting up ;)

Grace's French Bakery $500

$500? TOO expensive in my opinion! But still cute :)

Sorry for such a small photo!

Grace's Pastry Cart  $150

Really adorable... But again too pricy. 

Grace has two books unlike the previous GOTY, Isabelle who had three. That's strange, I thought they would continue the three book thing. I think that's okay, though! 

These look really good! I might have to get them... Maybe at the library?


That's my opinion on the new release! What are your thoughts? 


  1. Man things are getting expensive!

    I like the pjs, baking outfit, and the pink hat. But I don't understand the weird shorts in the city outfit. And the hair clip on the opening night outfit looks like bubblegum is exploding out of her head! XD

    1. I know! Unbelievable.

      I like those too.... I think the shorts will be better in person. We'll see. Haha, that's good!! :D


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