Cheering Isabelle up- a photostory

Hello amazing people of the world!!
The awesome, amazing Shelby-Grace rescently did a post called "Celebrating the New Year With Nora". I really enjoyed it, and decided to do THIS post, inspired by Shelby-Grace, so thanks!! :)
(Her blog is Ohmydollies.blogspot.com, be sure to check it out, you'll see what I mean. )

This post is from Kanani's point of view.

It was a typical Saturday afternoon. Saige was at her horseback riding lessons, Becca was out walking the dogs, Isabelle had invited a friend over and they were working in the sewing studio, and I sat with Julie, Hayley and Kit eating Froot Loops and watching tv in the family room. 

Then all of a sudden Becky burst through the door, with the dogs, holding a magazine. 
"Guys, you won't believe it!!"

Soon Becca had us girls surrounding her. 

"What is it, Becky?" I asked. 

"It's the new 2015 AG mag!! With Grace in it!! Quick, get the others and we'll look at it together."

I caught Hayley's eye, and she looked just as excited as I was. "Let's get Izzy and Kendall."
Hayley was a mind reader.

We raced upstairs and into the sewing room, were working busily. 

"Girls!! You won't believe it!" Hayley announced. "The new AG magazine is here, featuring Grace!!" 

Izzy was smiling broadly, until I said the word "Grace."

"Oh, that's right," she said looking away. 

"Iz? Everything okay?" Kendall asked. 

"Yeah. Well you guys can look at it together, without me. I'll be in our bedroom." She said nodding at me. 

"Alright. We'll be downstairs." Hayley said. Us girls followed her downstairs and into the family room, all except for Kendall, who had to go home. I couldn't help feeling sorry for my sis, though. She always looked forward to the AG magazines! 

"She is SO pretty." "Wow, a baker?" "I AM DYING!!" "Grace is gorgeous!" 
We all obsessed over the mag. 

Saige came back from her lesson, and she obsessed over it, too. No one really noticed Isabelle was missing. Except for Julie. 

"Where's Iz?" She asked all of a sudden. 

"In the bedroom me and her share. You know, the one the two newest dolls sleep in," I speak up. 

We get up and walk downstairs to our bedroom, where Izzy was lying in her bed. 
"What is it," she asks rudely. 

"Iz? Everything okay? We missed you downstairs," Saige plopped down beside her sister. 

"Well... It's just that all of you are making such a fuss about this Grace girl that it seems like everyone has forgotten about me," Isabelle answers with tears in her eyes. 

"Oh, Izzy! I felt the same way," I give her a quick hug. 

"What's it gonna be like when she is here?" Isabelle asks, her voice all chocked up. 

"Let me tell you a story." Saige suggests. We all gather around to listen. 

"Izzy, when you first came, I felt left out. Everyone was taking about Isabelle the dancer, not me." Izzy managed a small smile. 

"Please excuse me," Julie hopped up. 

"Yeah, of course. Anyways, I felt horrible when I had to move out of the "new girls" bedroom. You know how that works, the two newest dolls get to have this fancy bedroom all to themselves. Until another one comes, then the doll who has been here the longest of the three gets kicked out. Right now you (Isabelle ) and Kanani have it. When Grace or whoever comes that doll and Kanani will share it." Everyone nods. 

"But then I decided to make friends with you, Izzy. We became best buds. If you give Grace a chance, you two will probably be best friends before you know it! " 

"Thanks, Saige. This Grace girl might just be all right after all! " Isabelle said with a bigger smile than ever. 

Then Julie plows through the door. 
"Treats for everyone! " she yells. 

Isabelle laughs. "Yum!" 

"Don't forget the pink  lemonade, your favorite, Iz! 


Whew, me again! This post turned out really long! Comment BROWNIES AND PINK LEMONADE if you read it all! 

Really, I'm glad we could cheer Izzy up. She even looked at the AG catalogue with us after that! Brownies and lemonade help everything, right? 

Talk to you later! 

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  1. BROWNIES AND PINK LEMONADE!!! Lol! This is such a sweet photostory and very well written! I enjoyed reading it! :)

    1. Hehe!! Wow, thanks SO much Kaitlyn! It means a lot :)

  2. I agree with Kaitlyn, really well written! Your blog should be so much more popular! I'm glad Izzy feels better now :)

    1. Wow, Hannah, thanks SO much!! It means A LOT. You guys are so encouraging! Thanks! Me too :)

    This was adorable!
    Isabelle will always be GOTY 2014, no matter what, no matter who comes next.
    Tell her good luck meeting grace for me!


    1. :D
      Thanks Gwen!!
      That is so true.
      Thanks!! I will :)

  4. Brownies and Pink Lemonade! lol, nice photostory. :)

    1. Yay! Thank you Christian Homeschooler!! :)


    Wow! This photostory is so amazing and cute and well-written! I can't believe you were actually inspired by me! You wouldn't believe how much that means to me--this post made my day :)

    ★ Shelby-Grace ★

    1. Haha! :)
      Thank you so very much, Shelby!! I'm glad you liked it. :)

  6. BROWNIES AND PINK LEMONADE! Cute photo story!

  7. BROWNIES AND PINK LEMONADE! LOL! This was a cute story! My oldest doll Elizabeth always worries when a new doll comes in, she's afraid that one more new doll and she'll be totally forgotten.;)

    1. LOL!! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you!! Hehe!! That sounds just like my girls sometimes :) Oh, Elizabeth. You poor girl!! :)


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