Fun Thrift Store finds- part one

Today I thought I'd do......

Show you a couple awesome thrift store finds I've found {and then bought, obbiously!} This is part 1, if you didn't see the title. :)

Girls, I'd like to introduce.....

Miss AVERY ALEXIS!!!! She's an Our Generation doll, in fabulous condition, and when I saw her I knew she would be coming home with me. Me and my Grandma washed and conditioned her hair to untangle tricky knots, washed her skin clean, and here's the result!! 
Now, in honor of a new addition, let's do a little photoshoot, shall we?

Love my new girlie :) And I can't wait to introduce you to someone else very soon! Here's a hint: you've seen her before. Start guessing!

Shoes! Aren't these leaves just gorgeous?

I put my Hunger Games Mockingjay gold pin on her cause I just can't get enough of that stuff :) Aren't the books and movies just a hit? Ahhh!! Ok, I'll stop :P

Do any of you like to go Thrift store shopping? Have you found any dolls? I want to hear from you down below in the comments!!

Also, be sure to guess what the next new doll is with the hint listed above!! Oh- here's another. Shes not an AG.

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day, you lovely doll lovers!


  1. Aw congrats on Avery! She is so cute and these pictures are gorgeous Jana!xD

    1. Thanks Rylee!! Thanks again! you are so extremely sweet, girl .

  2. Avery is so cute! Love the pictures and her outfit! :)

  3. Congratulations on Avery! She is gorgeous!

  4. Congrats! Is your new doll, Kendall from your last post?:)


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