Isabelle's iPad mini- a photostory

On a normal Tuesday afternoon, you may think Isabelle would be at ballet class or in her studio designing a new line of fashion. But not this Isabelle!

Isabelle Palmer was in her elderly neighbor Judy's yard, raking leaves. Back and forth, back and forth the rake swept. Two weeks ago Izzy had decided to make a job cleaning up neighbors and freinds's yards, in return for some extra cash. Isabelle was hoping to use her money to buy an iPad mini!

She thought about it now as she swept a bundle of leaves in a neat pile she had made.  But her thoughts of a white iPad mini were interrupted as a door opened then closed, and neighbor Judy walked out. 

"You have done enough for today, dear," Judy said with a smile. "My yard looks fantastic! Thank you ever so much."

"Aww, you'd let me off of the job early?" Isabelle gasped. "Thank you!!" 

Judy smiled and handed Isabelle a crisp ten-dollar bill.  "For you." 

"Thanks, Judy!" Isabelle said then took it away and ran of to get her purse, which she had hanged on a nearby branch. 

And she ran off,  leaving Judy smiling behind. Now that she had that ten dollar bill, the iPad mini would really be hers.

Without even bothering to change out of her work clothes, she dashed to Eline's Electronics, a electronic store by her house. Isabelle knew that they carried Apple things, because they had gotten the family's iPad there! 

"Hello!" The lady at the counter greeted. "My name is- well you guessed it- Eline! We still are plenty stocked from our Black Friday sale, so today we're having a 40% off sale on ALL our Apple products! Here we have an iPhone, an iPad mini, and an iPad!" She said gesturing to the counter. 

"Hi!" I responded. "I'll take one iPad mini in white, please!" It was my lucky day. 

"Coming right up!!" Eline said and slipped from behind the desk to the back, where they kept their products. 

She returned  a moment later holding a pretty white bag, which contained the iPad mini Isabelle had always dreamed of. "Here you are, my dear," she said. "Will that be cash or card?" 

"Card," Isabelle replied. She dug inside her purse and handed the cashier her savings. " Would you like to look around a bit?" The lady at the desk asked. "In the room to your right we have all the latest models, and the iPad mini 3!"  She handed Isabelle her bag. 

"No thank you," Isabelle said politely. She had other thoughts on her mind!

She ran home, opened her iPad mini up, and found that it was everything she hoped for. 

So that day Isabelle stayed home and played on her iPad mini until she could play no more. And now she didn't have to use the family's old iPad air. Now she had an iPad mini of her very own. 

Hi! Jana here. 
Did you notice a better quality in the photos? It's because....

So in a way, I was Isabelle. But I didn't have to do all those chores 😄

And I ❤️ It 😊

Goodbye from my iPad mini!



  1. Congrats, Jana!!!!
    Love your blog!!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Allie!
    Wow, thank you so much!! I really appreciate it. :)

  3. Yay!! That is so cool! Congrats, great photostory. :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  4. This is sooo cute! I loved reading it! :)

  5. That is such a cute photostory! Did you make the doll sized ipad min? It is adorable!



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