Hey! Jana here.
Currently I'm away from home and my dollies, and wanted to do a post so I'm just going to be showing you random pictures I took awhile ago. That is, some were taken awhile ago and others weren't. :)

Here was my Camp Dolldiaries set up! Last year, before I had a blog. :) 

Saige and Izzy! 

This was the first photoshoot I ever did... I think. 

Taco Tuesday fun with Saige!!


Izzy at the park!! Whee! 

This was what my doll's New Years Eve looked like! ;)

Kanani and Shola chatting on New Year's Eve sleepover!! My dollies had a blast, and stayed up till midnight! 


That was today's post. Sorry for the randomness, I didn't know what to do, being away from home and my dolls!


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