Time for a Starbucks!!

Do you ever get those random cravings for a Starbucks? We do, and today Rebecca and Isabelle decided they had to go and get a drink at the local Starbucks.

"Hi, welcome to Starbucks!" The lady behind the counter greeted as Isabelle and Rebecca stepped in the store. 
"Hi! Thank you!" Isabelle responded. 

They found their spot in line, and Becky pulled out her phone. Isabelle looked around, searching for something to do when she saw a girl wearing the most adorable dress!

"Umm, excuse me," Isabelle said walking up to the girl. "Where did you get that dress? It's so cute."

The girl smiled brightly. "Awww, thank you!! I got it at Sweet 21, and I just heard they're having a huge sale! Items up to 75% off!! I'm going after this."

"Wow! Thanks for telling me!!" Isabelle said and walked back to Rebecca, who was ordering. 
"Welcome!" The girl with the dress called. 

"We're going to Sweet 21 after this," Isabelle declared when she got back to Becky. 

"Oh, okay!! Anyway, what do you want? I'm ordering." She asked. 

*sorry this is blurry*

"Hmm." Isabelle said looking at the menu. "I'll have a double chocolate chip frappuccino, please." 

"Coming right up!!" The lady behind the counter exclaimed with a smile. Rebecca handed her six dollars, the cost of the drinks. 

A minute later she handed the girls their freshly-made drinks. "Enjoy!"

"Thank you!!" They answered. 
"Now let's sit down and enjoy these," Becky grinned. 

Once they sat down Isabelle would not wait to sample her drink. "Mmmm! Mine's delicious," she sighed as she tasted her frappuccino. 

"Mine too!" Rebecca cried as she sipped her hot chocolate. 

After they had finished their drinks, Isabelle told Rebecca about Forever 21 and the girl with the cute dress and the sale.  "Can we please go?" She asked, hoping her sister would say yes. 
"Okay, I guess we have nothing to do at home and Julie isn't calling to tell us to get home yet." She smiled a smile full of mischeif. 

So the girls spent the day at the mall, that is until Julie began to worry about their disappearance ;)


I was going to include them shopping this post, but it would be way long. So I didn't :)

But I hope you guys enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!


Who wore it best!

So I've never done a "Who wore it best" before and decided to try it out! It wasn't hard finding two people to model it- Rebecca and Kanani have been pestering about doing a fashion post on here for at least a week! Today they're going our models, and the outfit will be AG's 2014 Frosty Fair Isle set.

Rebecca thought that the headband would work as a scarf, too! I guess she was right. 

Here's Kanani!

Now it's up to you- who wore it best?

This outfit is really great- I love the sweater, the pants are great, boots are adorable, and the headband is a little hard to get on , but once it's on it is cute, too. Once your doll is dressed in it she will be ready to hit the snowy slopes or build a snowman outside! I love this set.

Comment down below who you think looks the best in it! I will post the winner soon. 


A photoshoot.

Since I know most of you guys enjoy my photoshoots, I decided to do one today. 
Now I've got some stuff to do, so I need to go. But I hope to be posting more this week!

Bye! Sorry I can't really talk. 



The Valentine's Day Surprise Party

I'm SO sorry I haven't posted lately, guys! We just got back and I had a ton of stuff to unpack- anyway, here's what my dolls have been up to lately. :)
And if you're wondering why Kit isn't in this, it's because I decided to take her off this blog until I re-attach her leg. She isn't in the best condition, but will still remain on the "Meet the Dollies!" page.
*NOTE* This happened a couple days ago when we got back from California :)

After a busy day of saying goodbyes and giving hugs, Rebecca lay in the car that would take her from California to back home in Arizona. It had been a long, sad morning and Becky was very tired. Quickly she fell asleep. 

Back home, though, Rebecca's sisters had more exciting things on their mind. All morning the five girls had been preparing for a late Valentine's Day Party!

*Sorry that blurry thing got in this picture*

"When are they gonna get here?" Kanani asked getting impatient. 

Saige set a pitcher of strawberry lemonade down on the table beside many platters of treats. 
"Pretty soon, Kanani. Mom just called and said about another half-hour." She reassured. 

"Um, Julie?" Isabelle asked her sister. "Did you ever take those tarts out of the oven?"

"Oh my, no, I didn't!!" Julie gasped. "Will you finish arranging these flowers for me? They're about finished."

"Sure!" Isabelle responded with a smile. Julie ran out of the room in a hurry. 

Suddenly the girls heard the front door open, and the sound of two suitcases rolled in. 
"Girls!!!!!" My happy voice announced. "We're back early!!"

Then Rebecca saw us, and walked over wheeling her suitcase.
"Surprise!!" Everyone cheered.

What?!?!?" Rebecca exclaimed. "What are you crazy girls doing now?!?!" Everyone laughed. Rebecca looked around the room, then saw the "Happy Valentine's Day!!" banner. 

Julie walked out of the kitchen carrying a pile of rather burnt looking tarts on a plate. She smiled at Becky's curious- looking expression. 

                "It's a Valentine's party, Becky!!" she exclaimed. "We didn't have one on the actual day because you weren't here! So we're having it now, only about two weeks late!!" Everyone laughed. 
"Wow!!" Becky said looking around at all the festive decorations. 

"And we made lots of treats, dig in!!" Izzy said. 

So they did :)

Hope you guys enjoyed! What did you and your dolls do to celebrate Valentine's Day? I want to know down below in the comments!

                                     Wait- one last thing.......




Photos, Photos, Photos!

Hello from bright, sunny, California!
These past few days have been just SO much fun! Cousins, laughter, pool time, dolls, and so much more! My Rebecca even got to meet her cousin Ruby! And I can't believe its time to go home already.....
Okay, enough of my rambling. Let me show you some photos I took of Rebecca on this trip!

Here's a photoshoot I took by our pool! 

I just love that Maxi dress! Don't you? 

In the hammock! 


By the water! 

Now here's a photostory for you!

After a crazy game of Capture the Flag, Rebecca decided she needed a sip of  lemonade. She ran through the gate and unexpectedly ran into me with Cousin Ruby! 

"Becky!" I said. "This is your Cousin Ruby! She had a late flight here, so instead of coming yesterday  like we did, she spent the night at a hotel then came here. Now I've gotta go help her mom get unpacked, so this is a great opportunity for you two to chat and catch up!" And I left, leaving Rebecca and Ruby. 

The two immediately hugged. "Ruby!" Rebecca squealed. "How are you?"
"Becky!! I'm fabulous, how bout you? It's been so long since I've seen you!" 
"Great! Yeah, so true, girlfriend!" Becky answered. 

"Have you tried out the pool yet, Rebecca?" Ruby asked. 

"Okay, just stop freaking out!" Ruby laughed. 

"HEY, I KNOW!?!" Becky screamed. "LETS YOU AND ME SWIM NOW!!" 
And they ran off, laughing and hollering. :) 
Here are some more photos! 

Pretty girl :) 

Early mornings with Becky and Ruby!

In the kitchen. :) 

California is a sight to behold, people.


And so sorry I didn't do a Valentine's post. If you are wondering why I didnt, it's because I was away from all my dolls but Rebecca ;) But I might do one soon!