Even more updates :P

Hey Guys!!
So I have a few things to tell you, soooo..... We're doing  yet another Updates 2015! Sorry for so many updates these days :P

Let's get right into the subject.

Okay, first things first.
The "Meet the Dollies!" page is finally updated! Be sure to go and check it out. 

I'll be on another trip Wednesday the 11th through Tuesday the 17, so I probably will not post until I get back. Any suggestions on which doll I should bring?? I'm thinking Isabelle, but I want your opinions. Comment them down below. Because I will take photos of her there. :)

Sorry for such boring topics, guys. I know, it's really un-interesting.

But now you'll know why I will not be posting these next few days.

Be sure to check out the "Meet the Dollies!" page and comment down bellow which doll I should bring!

Gotta go eat breakfast. :)


  1. You should bring Kanani. I love Kanani!
    Have a good breakfast (or whatever it is now)

    1. Okay! I decided to bring Rebecca, but thanks for the suggestion :)
      Thank you Gwen! It was delicious. :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you :) I decided to bring Rebecca, but thanks anyway :)


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