No School!?!?! ~A Photostory

I sat staring blankly at my Frosted Flakes, thinking about a book report that my teacher, Ms. Blackhurst, had said was due Monday. And I haven't even touched it yet.

Julie emerged from the hallway, holding her school bag. 
She sighed when she saw me and Isabelle still eating. 
"Guys, it's 8. The bus will be at the bus stop at 8:30. Let's go!"

Isabelle coughed. "I'm like, not even ready yet. Plus, we don't need to leave until 8:25. So there."

Julie ignored Izzy and looked at me.
"Kanani, are you ready?" She asked. 

"Yeah!" I replied. 
"Very nice," she said. "Now Isabelle, finish. You too, Nani."

Hayley finally came out of her bedroom, hair done but still wearing her pjs. 
"What time is it," she moaned. Hayley looked more asleep than awake.

"8:10!!" Julie gasped. "Hurry!! We'll miss the bus!!!"

Hayley slumped down on her seat to eat her doughnut. 

Then Rebecca comes and joins us in the dining room. 
"Kit and Saige are still sleeping." She informed. "I told them they could since we have no school!!"

"WHAT!?!" Hayley screams.
"YES!!!" I yell. "OH YEAH!!! THIS IS THE LIFE!!?!!"
"I had no idea," Julie exclaims. 

Becca nods. "Yeah, our Principal called each of our phones today- I thought you already knew! Sorry about that. They canceled because of the rainy weather. It's really crazy out there."
Julie pulled out her phone and sure enough, no school. 

"No school?!?!" Isabelle says happily. "I'm off to my BFF's place." And she left leaving Julie, Hayley, Becky and me.

"Well, I'm going back to bed!" Hayley said and left, too.

"What should us three do?" Becky asks.

"I know!" I say. "I have a ready- made gingerbread house! It comes with all these candies to add on- let's decorate it!"

So Rebecca, Julie and I decorated the gingerbread house. 
This is what it looks like :) Like the huge door knob? xD We had a blast decorating it. :)

Gotta go- Moms calling me. 


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  1. No school because if rain?!?!!? I want that to happen to me, please!

    1. Yep, pretty bad rainstorm- like a small flood! I made it up :) Haha!

  2. Love!

    Allie D.

  3. Replies
    1. Wow, thank you Ellie! That's really sweet :D

  4. LOL! I'd go right back to bed too!XD Cute gingerbread house!:)

    1. LOL!!!! Haha! I would too :) Thanks!! :)

  5. That was so cute and fun! I really liked reading it. Looks like all the dolls spent the day off having fun. :)

    1. Wow, thank you Christian Homeschooler! Great name, by the way. Christian Homeschooler- could you get a better name than that? :) Thanks! Glad you did. Yeah, they did :) :)

  6. I love it when school gets cancelled! Great photostory, Jana!

  7. Haha.. I know what you mean on how it rained! our field is a little flooded!

    I loved the photo story :)

    1. Haha! That is what I'm talking about! Our Baseball field is full of rain :)
      Thanks, Hannah! I appreciate it :)

  8. This was such a cute photostory! I loved reading it! Haha! Cute gingerbread house! :)

    1. Thanks, Kaitlyn!! Haha, yeah my little brothers kept trying to eat it ;) Eww, right?


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