Who wore it best!

So I've never done a "Who wore it best" before and decided to try it out! It wasn't hard finding two people to model it- Rebecca and Kanani have been pestering about doing a fashion post on here for at least a week! Today they're going our models, and the outfit will be AG's 2014 Frosty Fair Isle set.

Rebecca thought that the headband would work as a scarf, too! I guess she was right. 

Here's Kanani!

Now it's up to you- who wore it best?

This outfit is really great- I love the sweater, the pants are great, boots are adorable, and the headband is a little hard to get on , but once it's on it is cute, too. Once your doll is dressed in it she will be ready to hit the snowy slopes or build a snowman outside! I love this set.

Comment down below who you think looks the best in it! I will post the winner soon. 


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