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This is just a quick post to let you guys know that T.D.D's template is under construction (yet again!) I wasn't really happy with the old header and background, so there will be a new  one coming :)
Thanks for surviving these boring posts!
                                     *Happy Dance*

 Guess what..... I'm back! Yes, your favorite blogger is BACK!! *cough*  I mean- what??
Sorry for such a long break, guys. I meant for it to be shorter. But it was nice!!  I celebrated a birthday (not my own) , swam in my first swim meet of the season, obsessed over the Hunger Games (like always), learned how to shoot a real arrow from a real bow, and finally learned how to do a front flip on a trampoline!! It was a super fun break.
But I'm back now! On my time away from blogging I had time to take pictures, so be expecting a photoshoot and two photostories. I missed you fabulous peoples, it is great to be back.
Before I go I have something to tell you guys. Not very important, but still, you should know. I decided to change Julie's personality a bit. She used to be motherly, you know? From now on Julie will be a total girly-girl, all about lipstick, Taylor Swift, selfies and Starbucks.  Which means I'll have to change the "Meet the Dollies!" page. Better go do that. One more thing. It's about time my dolls grow up a bit, so instead of Elementary grades, Kanani will be in Jr. High, 8th grade and 14 yrs. Saige is in Jr. High, 7th grade and 13 yrs. Isabelle is also in Jr. High, 6th grade,  and is 12 years old. As for Rebecca, she will still be in Elementary school, 5th grade, and 10 yrs old.  Julie will now be in High school!! Yikes! ;D
Oh, and I might not post as often- expect a post about 2-5 times a week. And if I can't do that, turn me in. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!! I AM A BLOGGER, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!
That is all.


A small break...

Hi peeps!
Life has been super busy for me lately (that's why I haven't been posting as often) and I decided to take a small break from blogging. It'll be about a week to a month, at most. I just need some time to breathe.
Thanks, people. I love every one of you, and yes, I will be back!
Now I need to go get ready for an AG book club I'm in.


Daisies & Dresses, a photoshoot

Hey! 'Sup?  xD
So I'm not really sure if the flowers in this photoshoot are daisies, but "Dresses & Daisies" made a nice title, so whatever ^_^
Let's get right into the subject.

These pictures would look better without the grass, you know? I could have spread some white fabric down, but honestly I'm a lazy person xD ( I already did an xD in this post, but xDs are endless where I live.) LOL!

Like the hair? It was a braid but eventually got changed to a bun of some sort :)

Ugh, the grass. It ticks me off ;D

Yeah, I'm in a goofy mood today :)

Thanks for readin! All you readers are awesome- every one of you. :)


Who wore it best- And the winner is....

We have been getting a lot of rain here and that means that I can't do the outdoor photostory I  have been wanting to do, so I decided to post the winner of "Who wore it best!" instead.
And the winner is........

A tie!! Both girls got 4 votes, so they tied :)

Thanks to everyone who voted for that! Would you like to see more of Who wore it best? Let me know!!

P.S. Lately  I've been working on my blog button! Here's what it looks like so far:

Do you like it?


Floral 70's outfit

Yesterday when I put this outfit on Julie I just loved how it looked!! So I had to take some pictures of her wearing it while she went out to walk her puppy, Jasmine!

"Come on, Jazz," Julie shivered. "It's really cold and windy out here, but Mom wanted just a couple pictures so let's hurry."
"Woof!!" Jasmine agreed. 

"Now where would be a good spot for a picture?" Julie thought aloud. "Brrr, let's just go to the wall."

"Jasmine! What are you doing, silly puppy? Give me back your leash!!" Jasmine barked and stood on his hind legs, pleased to have his owner's attention. 

I pulled Julie aside so I could take some pictures of her outfit. Isn't is adorable?? :D

This was actually what I had her in when she was the cashier in "Time for a Starbucks!!" . 

Yesterday me and my Mom went yard-saling, and I came apon this family selling doll clothes! I dug through the bin, and found a couple AG pieces. These pants were found there, too! Although I don't think they're AG, but that's okay! If you would like a post on what I got at that sale as far as doll clothes, let me know in the comments!

The shoes were found there, too! :D

Bye, friends! Thanks for reading and be sure to check back soon for a photoshoot!! 

Like she said, thanks for reading!!

Here's some extra information:

Doll:  AG Historical/ Beforever Julie Albright
Beret:  Homeade by my Mom!
Shirt: AG shirt ( borrowed from a freind, unsure of what outfit it came from)
Pants: Found at a garage sale
Shoes: AG shoes from an old meet outfit, found at the same sale as the pants
Jasmine: Terrier from AG Julie's Dog Walking set
Camera: iPad Mini (can't get my camera figured out)