Daisies & Dresses, a photoshoot

Hey! 'Sup?  xD
So I'm not really sure if the flowers in this photoshoot are daisies, but "Dresses & Daisies" made a nice title, so whatever ^_^
Let's get right into the subject.

These pictures would look better without the grass, you know? I could have spread some white fabric down, but honestly I'm a lazy person xD ( I already did an xD in this post, but xDs are endless where I live.) LOL!

Like the hair? It was a braid but eventually got changed to a bun of some sort :)

Ugh, the grass. It ticks me off ;D

Yeah, I'm in a goofy mood today :)

Thanks for readin! All you readers are awesome- every one of you. :)


  1. I really love the angles that you took these pictures in. ♥ These photos are just stunning, and her hair is so pretty!

    1. Thank you SO much, girls!! :) I appreciate it ^_^

  2. Where did you get the dress? I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a lace dress for my dolls, but alas, my search has been in vain.

    Fear not- the grass doesn't seem to detract from the pictures. I'm rather fond of it actually, for my grass has mole hills and other various blemishes.
    So you have very nice grass by comparison.
    I like grass. : )


  3. Great photos! I think the grass looks good in it.. since the photoshoot is titled "Daises and Dresses", the grass seems like a nice touch :)

  4. These are gorgeous!!! I love Isabelle's hair and dress! Those flowers are really pretty! I wonder what kind they are?! :)

  5. I love the last two pictures! And I absolutely love the hair!:)


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