*Happy Dance*

 Guess what..... I'm back! Yes, your favorite blogger is BACK!! *cough*  I mean- what??
Sorry for such a long break, guys. I meant for it to be shorter. But it was nice!!  I celebrated a birthday (not my own) , swam in my first swim meet of the season, obsessed over the Hunger Games (like always), learned how to shoot a real arrow from a real bow, and finally learned how to do a front flip on a trampoline!! It was a super fun break.
But I'm back now! On my time away from blogging I had time to take pictures, so be expecting a photoshoot and two photostories. I missed you fabulous peoples, it is great to be back.
Before I go I have something to tell you guys. Not very important, but still, you should know. I decided to change Julie's personality a bit. She used to be motherly, you know? From now on Julie will be a total girly-girl, all about lipstick, Taylor Swift, selfies and Starbucks.  Which means I'll have to change the "Meet the Dollies!" page. Better go do that. One more thing. It's about time my dolls grow up a bit, so instead of Elementary grades, Kanani will be in Jr. High, 8th grade and 14 yrs. Saige is in Jr. High, 7th grade and 13 yrs. Isabelle is also in Jr. High, 6th grade,  and is 12 years old. As for Rebecca, she will still be in Elementary school, 5th grade, and 10 yrs old.  Julie will now be in High school!! Yikes! ;D
Oh, and I might not post as often- expect a post about 2-5 times a week. And if I can't do that, turn me in. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!! I AM A BLOGGER, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!
That is all.


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