Floral 70's outfit

Yesterday when I put this outfit on Julie I just loved how it looked!! So I had to take some pictures of her wearing it while she went out to walk her puppy, Jasmine!

"Come on, Jazz," Julie shivered. "It's really cold and windy out here, but Mom wanted just a couple pictures so let's hurry."
"Woof!!" Jasmine agreed. 

"Now where would be a good spot for a picture?" Julie thought aloud. "Brrr, let's just go to the wall."

"Jasmine! What are you doing, silly puppy? Give me back your leash!!" Jasmine barked and stood on his hind legs, pleased to have his owner's attention. 

I pulled Julie aside so I could take some pictures of her outfit. Isn't is adorable?? :D

This was actually what I had her in when she was the cashier in "Time for a Starbucks!!" . 

Yesterday me and my Mom went yard-saling, and I came apon this family selling doll clothes! I dug through the bin, and found a couple AG pieces. These pants were found there, too! Although I don't think they're AG, but that's okay! If you would like a post on what I got at that sale as far as doll clothes, let me know in the comments!

The shoes were found there, too! :D

Bye, friends! Thanks for reading and be sure to check back soon for a photoshoot!! 

Like she said, thanks for reading!!

Here's some extra information:

Doll:  AG Historical/ Beforever Julie Albright
Beret:  Homeade by my Mom!
Shirt: AG shirt ( borrowed from a freind, unsure of what outfit it came from)
Pants: Found at a garage sale
Shoes: AG shoes from an old meet outfit, found at the same sale as the pants
Jasmine: Terrier from AG Julie's Dog Walking set
Camera: iPad Mini (can't get my camera figured out)



  1. Pretty adorable outfit! Julie rocks it.

    - Ellie

  2. I love that outfit on Julie! I love those pants! Great pictures!:)

  3. Wow, cute outfit! Very 70's :)

  4. That is such a cute outfit! Love it!


  5. That outfit is so cute! I love the beret! The pictures are really pretty! I would love to see what you found at the yard sale! :)

    1. Thank you very much, Kaitlyn!! Okay! I might just do that post then! :)


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