Easter Day

Before you read this I recommend you scroll down two posts and read "Preparing for Easter" if you haven't :)

I sighed and continued to drag myself down the hall. It was 9:15, which meant the Halberts had arrived. Julie had just marched into my room, disturbed my fake sleep, and told me to come to our backyard, where the Halberts where. I was walking as slow as possible. I really did not want to see those 5 crazy monsters.
But despite my slow walking, I reached the backyard. Julie and Saige where talking together in a corner, and I walked over to them.

"Happy Easter to the world's bossiest girls!" I hollered, then lowered my voice. The Halberts would hear, then come over. "Uh, if you don't mind, I'll just take the dogs to the park..."

"Oh, no you don't," Julie cut in. She turned to Saige. "Yes, I think having a selfie station at your B-Day party is a fabulous idea! I'm all for selfies!"  She turned back to me. "Halberts want to see you. They're over there." She pointed to the big Elm tree in our backyard. "Now, shoo!"
I gave up on taking the dogs to the park. It was no use. Instead I trudged over to the Elm tree, where the wild kids where probably chopping it down. Poor tree. 

But to my amazement and shock, the Halberts where not under the Elm tree. Instead there was my sister Kit with Becca, Hayley, and Izzy!
"KIT!!" I screamed. She had been born without a leg, so she sat in a wheelchair. (NOTE FROM JANA: If you want to know the real reason she's leg-less, ask me down below in the comments) Just a little while ago poor Kit had broken her arm, and when she went to the hospital for that, the doctors found that she also had a heart issue. I hadn't seen her in weeks! 

"Nani!!" Kit called. "Happy Easter!" I smiled and raced over and gave her a huge hug. 
"What about the Halberts?" I mumbled after I had given what seemed like thousands of hugs to Kit. I was so excited, it was hard to talk clearly. 
The other girls burst into a fit of laughter. "It was a joke!!" Hayley cackled. "HA!! You believed us!!"
I laughed. "Haha! Jokes on me!!"
Kit laughed too. For everyone in the family had heard their share of the Halbert kids.

After we had laughed enough about the joke, and it was lame, Isabelle spoke up. "We were just showing Kit some gymnastics moves," she said. "You should show her your flip!"
I grinned, forgetting that I was wearing a skirt. "Okay! Watch this!" 
I tried to do a front flip, but it ended up to be a small forward roll. 
"Wow, I bet the Olympians can't even do that!" Kit exclaimed and we fell to the ground in another fit of endless laughter.
After we were done laughing, Rebecca suggested that we go and check out our Easter gifts. We all agreed and hopped up to get Saige and Julie.

We fetched the two girls, who were still discussing selfie stations and all of us sisters trooped to the front yard, where the things where.

"Okay,"  Julie  said. "Since Mom couldn't find the Easter baskets, we are going to use eggs this year. They're in piles of four. Kanani, yours is to the far left."

I looked to the far left. There lay one single blue egg. Just one. I went over and picked it up. Light as a feather. 
I heard my sisters' happy voices all around me. "Woah! Lookie here!" and "I got a gymnastics leotard and lots of candy in mine!!". 
Was this another joke? Last one turned out good, but would this one? I sighed.

Gradually I opened the small egg up. There were two papers inside.

I looked at them closely. A ticket to a Taylor Swift concert. And a $25 giftcard to Starbucks. Amazing. 

After spending time together, eating and laughing over stupid things, me, my sisters and Mom went to an Easter service at our Church. Jesus is really the whole reason of Easter- not concerts or candy. Since He died on the Cross for our sins, we can live forever in heaven with Him! :D
After Church we settled down in our pj's and watched Big Hero 6 :)

Oh, and here are some more pictures Mom snapped on Easter:


Okay.  Mom wants me to do Question of the Day, so let's just go ahead and do that.

Would you rather wear your pajamas to school (if you're homeschooled, that means... UNDERWEAR!) OR  wear your bikini to the mall?


Oh, one more thing...


  1. I love the Easter photostory! How did Kit lose her leg?

    1. Thanks!! Oh, she's actually an oldern doll (Pleasant Company AG) and I got her when I was younger, so she's had lots of love. Then I borrowed her to my BFF and she played rough with her, and sadly when I got her back her leg was off :( :U :(

  2. I'm so jealous of Kanani... lol!! Sadly all the AZ tickets were sold out before I could get to them!! Happy late Easter.

    1. LOL! Seriously, she just had a concert here? And I didn't go?!? AHH! :D Thanks! Happy late Easter to you and your dolls too, Hannah :)


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