Hi  ^_^
So I am- I mean was still expecting one of my late birthday presents, and it was supposed to come tomorrow (Saturday) and I wanted to have every gift pictured for the B-Day haul, ssssooo  I took some pics of 2 of my dollies wearing this chic romper set ^_^

It's the "Jumping For Joy" outfit from OG. As you see :) *Lowers voice* And actually I got this for my birthday, so it will be in the haul... Don't tell! LOL


OOTW! Hmm.. It should be "Outfits of the Day" instead of "Outfit of the Week." Okay, so just pretend it says OOTD. I was not thinking when I wrote that :P


So I will be showing you guys how this outfit can work on two fabulous stylists, my daughters!

Kanani first. Sorry she has more pictures than Iz, just keep in mind. I AM NOT PICKING FAVORITES!! :D
And if you were wondering why I never edit my photos, it's because I've had trouble with those websites and cannot get them to cooperate. 

Finally, let's start.

The romper is ADORABLE. Oh. My. Gosh. I am in love ^_^

Doesn't she look so real in this pic? Like, I can totally imagine her as a human . xD

And there you have Kanani modeling the romper from the outfit!
Here's Iz:

The scarf, cardigan, and shoes are from the outfit. 

Not sure I like this one.

"AHH! I am SO sick of these close ups! PLEASE! Enough pictures of me!!" And that's why she did not have as many shots as Kanani :)

After the shoot the girls ran inside to excape the heat, and when I walked in I saw them doing gymnastics! Lately my girls have been totally absorbed in gymnastics, and I always find them practicing in. Even though, they're well... terrible. *looks around* MOM!!

Andd now I need to get off of here- I hear my bros are watching Star Wars the Clone Wars, and I need to go investigate and watch too :0


Enough of me. Byyye


Romper: Our Generation "Jumping For Joy" outfit romper
Belt: AG "Isabelle's Metallic Dress" outfit belt (Retired)
Shoes: Also from "Isabelle's Metallic Dress" outfit shoes (Retired)

Shirt: Homade
Cardigan: From Our Generation "Jumping for Joy" outfit
Jeggings: From AG'S "Saige's Sweater Outfit" (Retired)
Shoes: From Our Generations "Jumping For Joy" outfit, as well


  1. Love the outfits!!! So CUTE! :-) You are so so so lucky to have Kanani! I wish I had her.

  2. Those outfits are so adorable on them! That cardigan and scarf and everything is so perfect on Isabelle!:)

  3. I fell in love with the romper too at first sight! :) ADORABLE!

    Allie D.

  4. Those are cute outfits! Also, I have a question.. is OOTD basically when you pick an outfit and then mix up the pieces between 2 dolls?

    1. Thanks, Hannah! Um, kind of. I meant it to be "Outfits of the day" but it can be "Outfit of the day" . So really you can either pick 2 outfits snd put them on 2 dolls, or just one :) And with combining 1 outfit, I just did that :) Hopefully this is clear! :)


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