Preparing for Easter

"Oh, there you guys are!" I exclaimed, smiling at my sisters who were sorting through a big, huge pile of dresses on one of our tables that we took with us to the beach every year. I had to admit, it looked really strange. "I just got back from soccer, and yeah. What are you up to??" These four girls were usually up to mischeif, that was probably what they were doing. The contents on the table could be all my clothes. Great. 

"Welcome back, stranger," Julie said with a smirk. "We were just sorting through Easter decor, since it's like, a week away!!" I sighed, glad that all the things on the table were not my personal things. Wierd, but you never know with these girls. 
Hayley pretended to gag. "Uh, Jules, Easter is tommorow. Anyway, Kanani, do you perfer skirts or dresses??" 
"Skirts are fine, " I answered. "And don't get a dress or skirt or whatever for me, I already have something picked out." I looked at the table, and strangely enough there lay the dress I had chosen!!
"Hey!!" I cried!" That's my dress!!" 
Julie grinned. "Sorry. We kind of raided everyone's closets."

"Nani, look at this," Isabelle called, holding up a pink dress. "Rebecca wore this last year for Easter, and also last Valentine's Day!! She wants to wear it tommorow, too!!! Thoughts!?!?!"  Rebecca shrugged sadly. 

I laughed. "Actually I wore that for Valentine's Day, Iz!! L-O-L!! But yeah, she's fine." Rebecca smiled.

I fiddled with my ponytail, which was coming undone. "I guess I'll go to Liz's..." 

"Wait!!" Hayley said. "One more thing. It's kinda a surprise, so don't spill the beans, girl." She laughed. 

Julie nodded. "Yeah. Don't spill the beans. Although everyone already knows...." She laughed. "Okay. Serious. So this year we're doing something special. In the past we've celebrated Easter together as a family, but this year we are having the Halbert's over!!" She squealed. "And here's the best part: they're staying for three days after Easter!! Horray for having your best friends over on Easter and three days after it!!"

I gasped. It sounded like I was excited, but really I was furious. The Halberts have four boys and a girl, who is practically a boy since she is raised with boys. They're wild, savage, crazy kids, and will drive everyone insane. All my sisters cannot stand the Halbert's company, except my mom, who is good friends with the Halbert mom. They're clearly not our best friends. So why is everyone excited? Why are all the girls keeping a straight face? Why? Are they happy? Is this some sort of joke??

"Well?? What'ya think??" Isabelle asked.
"Um, yay!!" I said. Not the truth. "When are they coming?"
"Seven-thirty tommorow morning."
I sighed. This would be the worst Easter in the history of Easters.

So since Easter is tommorow, I decided that instead of doing a photoshoot (not the most exciting) I would do a photostory!! Which is a little more funner, right? :)

Question of the day today isss........

Would you rather receive a massive Easter basket to share with a sibling  OR   Get a small one all to yourself?

My Mom needs me, I've gotta go. 


  1. Looks like your dolls are having fun getting ready for Easter! I don't have a sibling, so I guess I'd get my own Easter Basket :)

    1. Yup!! Oh, that's right :) You're an only child! Lucky!! :)

  2. Cute photostory! Are you going to continue the story about when the Halbert's come over or are you just going to leave it like this?:) I don't know what I would choose...it all depends on what would be in each basket!;)

  3. Fun story! I would have a little Easter basket to myself.

  4. Hello Jana! I've been following your blog for quite awhile and I'm not quite sure if I've spoke with you about MOTB which stands for Modest Outfits to Bless, a program on my blog, or if you've seen it on my blog but it can become a great opening for you and your blog. To make it easier for you I just need your permission to share some of the links to certain posts that match the criteria. :)

    Allie D.


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    2. Floral 70's outfit
    3. Daisies & Dress, a photoshoot


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