Rainy Day (Oh, and Rebecca almost dies... How could I forget??)

*All credit goes to my Bestie*  thanks, girl  :-) You're TOTES awesome! See you sometime on FaceTime :)
From Isabelle's view of things:

BAM!! Something created a very large racket, disturbing me and my sisters' game of UNO. We got up from the living room to investigate.

Hayley, Saige, Kanani and I walked outside, staring glumly at the dirty and wet sidewalk. 
"Hmm. We must be getting a storm. I guess we'll have to stay indoors today," Saige mumbled. "Mom does NOT like us girls out for thunderstorms, 'ya know?"
"Yeah, I guess," Kanani replied.

We were going to walk back inside when Hayley stopped us. 
"Um, what's that noise?"

Kanani listened. "Storm's a brewin'," she said in a deep Irish accent. 
"Duh," I laughed.
Then Rebecca stormed over, holding her UNO cards. "HEY!!" she cried angrily. "You completely left me there hanging! JEEZ!!" 
I turned to Kanani.  "Yep, a storm is brewing, Irish lady," I joked. "A major Becky storm! Literally!!" We laughed. 
Us girls stayed outside for a while, fighting and laughing over lame jokes. And then came a very large sudden rainfall, and we ran indoors. 
"Yikes," Saige exclaimed. "I hope Julie and mom are okay at the dentist's. Brrrr."

Rebecca and Saige suggested we gather up all our sleeping- stuff things and create a large area to to gymnastics. We all agreed, and easily forgot our game of UNO. 
"Okay," Kanani said after we had finished building the "gym" in our den. "We'll jump off this table here, and then chill down below!"
BOOM!! CRACK!! A lightning bolt followed by thunder burst through the thick, stormy air. Rain pattered on our roof. 

"TOLD you," Kanani said. "It's gonna be a wet and rainy week." She fell on a pillow. "Which meeeaannnnzz...."

"The fun begins!!" Rebecca hollered. She raced up the table. "Watch!!" she yelled. And with that our sis made an attempt to do a flip, but instead she fell on her back and foot, and let out a piercing scream. 


Hopefully that left you fabulous guys hanging! My BFF (I'm not going to say her name 'cause she might not want me to) gave me the idea for this when we were FaceTiming  :)
You can expect the B-Day haul soooon! I have the pics ready and that should be my next post :)

Later, Peeps!

p.s. do you like my new blog design and signature??


  1. I LOVE KANANI!!!!! I like how you did this. Do you do live events or video call's?

    1. Thanks, Love Dolls Forever!! You mean with my BFF? Oh, it's on our IPads- you know- FaceTime? :)

  2. I do like the new design :) It's very fun yet elegant.
    Awesome story - so creative!

    - Ellie

    1. Thanks, Ellie! It's nice to hear such fabulous feedback from you awesome peoples.

  3. Ooh! Can't wait for the next part! Great cliffhanger!:)

    1. Thanks so much, Emma!! Glad you liked it :)


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