Swimming in April (Isabelle, anyways!)

Whew! These past days have been pretty  busy for me- last night at my swim practice I spotted one of my BFFs that I had not seen in months, and that was super exciting :) We decided to stay in touch by email, so I have been emailing her a lot lately because texting won't cooperate :)  And now that spring is here me and my family have been using our pool a lot, which is super fun! Actually, that is what todays post is about, the pool! Enough rambling, let's get into it already :)

"I can't believe we're doing this," Saige breathed. "Swimming in April- we're such wierdos!!" 

"Yeah," Isabelle agreed. "Are you sure you have everything? Towels? And lunch??" She was a natural worrier.
"You worry too much," Saige smiled. "But, yes, I have everything. Let's go."

The girls walked down the sidewalk until they had reached the large community pool, which was practically empty. 

They found a bench to store their bags, and both girls applied a little sunscreen- better safe than sorry!

"Where to start?" Saige wondered. 
"Uh, do you want to dive off the diving board first?" Isabelle joked. "Shallow end, duh!!"
"Race you," Saige dared. 
Isabelle grinned. "You're on."

Saige dashed ahead, and Isabelle was keeping up to her until....

BAM!! Isabelle tripped on a small rock lying peacefully on the sidewalk, and she fell into the freezing pool water. 

"Oh my gosh!!" Saige screamed. "What happ- are you okay??!?!

Isabelle got out of the water with a small limp. 
"All in one piece. The waters a little chilly, though." She smiled. 

Saige sighed. "Wow. That was freaky." She paused. "Hey- you go back in there for a sec and I'll take a picture of you for the blog."

A minute later she returned with her phone, but Isabelle had vanished! So Saige looked around, and finally spotted her sis- standing in position on the diving board!

*Sorry this is blurry*

Isabelle attempted to do a fancy dive, but it ended up to be a big bellyflop. Oh well! Saige managed to snap a picture just in time, but Izzy will not allow me to post it because of her fail. 

"That was a complete and positive fail," Saige teased her sister once she had gotten out of the icy pool. 
Saige winked. 

"You better not tease me," Isabelle said, glancing at her foot. It was a light purple.
"Like, why not?"
"You wouldn't tease an injured person, right?"
"I guess."
 Isabelle sighed. "Look at my right foot."

"Maybe you shouldn't have asked me to race," Saige answered. 
"I didn't have time to give you my opinion on racing!" Isabelle stated. "So if I broke my foot, you're blamed."

"Fine, fine!" Saige gave in. "How 'bout we eat our lunch."

"Aren't you gonna swim?" Isabelle asked as they were eating their lunch- PB&Js.  "I went in just for you, 'ya know."

"Um, yeah, I don't think so," Saige answered with a laugh. "Seeing you was enough."

And sorry there's no picture for this:

Isabelle rolled her eyes as Saige cracked up. 

Hey guys, guess what? From this day on we're going to be doing this new thing at the end of posts: question of the day!!

Drumroll, please.....

Todays question of the day is:  On a hot summer day would you rather have fresh, warm baked cookies  OR  A cool ice cream cone??




  1. Definitely an ice cream cone! I like the question of the day idea! Your blog also looks very nice.

    1. Thank you! I will continue it! :) Thanks again! You're so nice!! :D

  2. The Question of the Day idea is so clever! :) I love it.
    Saige and Izzy are both so gorgeous. <3 I love their outfits.

    - Ellie

  3. Cute story! Hopefully, Isabelle will be okay!;) Ooh! I like the Question Of The Day idea!
    I'd rather have ice cream!:)

    1. Thanks very much, Emma!! Yeah, me too! :) Thanks!!
      Yeah, maybe me too :)


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