Birthday Haul

My actual birthday was April 15, so it's kinda wierd to post this 15 days late xD
Anyways, here is the highly requested birthday haul! I had a small party and invited my 2 BFFs over for a sleepover, and we took some pictures of our dolls having fun at their own slumber party which I will show you guys after the haul :)
I DO NOT mean to brag, I just asked you after one of my posts if you wanted to see a haul, and a majority of you said 'ya!! So.

From my family:  #selfie Justice shirt ('cause I'm all about the selfies!!)

From my family: Justice yoga shorts with SWIM on them, and a shirt with SWIM on it too (I'm a swimmer and use this as a warm-up outfit before practice :))

Also from my family: Justice pjs with a big J on them (Because my name is JANA, if you're new on here)

From my Aunt, Uncle, and 2 Cousins: Justice striped long- sleeved shirt 
(Oh, and sadly I forgot I also got a pair of Justice capris from my Aunt, Uncle and 2 Cousins, but they were in laundry and I didn't get a picture of them :( Oh well!)

From one set of my Grandparents: An awesome backpack!! I use it as my swim backpack, because I have to tote around a lot of stuff and this backpack is great for that :) And if you were wondering why there is a jewelry box under it, it is because I didn't want the backpack to slouch over for you guys :)

From my other set of Grandparents: A Justice tee with a J on it (for Jana :))
They also gave me some other money to spend ^_^

From my Cousins: AN AG GIFTCARD!! YAY!! I'm planning to spend it at a store when it comes to where I live! Super excited for that.

From my Mom: A sports tee (Which I also use when I warm up for swim)

Not really sure who these are from, but I'm gonna just say my set of Grandparents who gave me the J shirt from Justice:
Justice short- capri thingies :)

Just had to show you guys the back  ^_^  I ADORE the pockets on Justice's jeans!

From my Aunt, Uncle, and 2 cousins (the ones who gave me my blue Justice striped long tee shirt) :
OG Jumping for Joy outfit for my dollies! This is SUPER cute.

From my brothers I got a Nerf bow and arrow set! And it's even pink! GIRLY, people! LOLLL

Thank you SO much, givers! I love all my gifts- thanks!!

Now I'm gonna be showing ya' the gifts I got from my party from my BFFs, then I will be showin' you some of the pics from my party :)

Sorry this is the wrong side . BLOGGER?!?! xD
From one of my BFFs (the one that gave me the idea for my last post on here, actually!) :
She first gave me a swimsuit from Target but it was the wrong size, so I got this shirt to replace it! I also got a really pretty notebook from her and also some pencils! Thanks, Bestie! (she reads my blog)

And from my other BFF:
I got this book set (can't wait to read it!!), and 2 nail polishes (not pictured, I couldn't find them, sorry), and also a ton of Jolly Rancher candies, but we at them all while we were making a lame attempt to sleep at my sleepover. XD

Annnd here are some photos from my party:

This one's actually from my real  birthday. Since I am homeschooled, I got the day off from school and went to the mall to redeem some of my giftcards :) Here are some of the things I got in their bags :D

For my party me and my Besties made these awesome Red- Velvet cupcakes, and then brought them to our AG Book Club that night. We had fun making them and got more frosting on our faces than the cupcakes when we were frosting them! LOL

And for my actual birthday-birthday my mom let me frost my own cake and my cupcakes! I was so proud ^_^

The finished product! When I was done frosting this I was thinking "Wow, I could really be a pro baker someday!!" HAHA xD

One of my BFFs has some AG & Our Generation dolls, so she brought 2 of them and we all played dolls for a while ^_^
2 of the ones pictured are hers, and the rest are mine. Can you tell which ones are hers??

Sorry for such terrible pics. 2 of the girls aren't even pictured here! *glares at BFF* LORELEI??? Just kidding :P

We played that all these girls were in High school , and they graduated! CLASS OF 2014 :)

And like all graduates, they had their crazy BFFs! You can't forget the pictures with your BFF, people ;D

Thanks so much for reading! There will be no question of the day today. SORRY!
Later, peeps. 


  1. WOW ,that is a great B-Day haul! I would totally wear thate selfie shirt and I love love Justice I go shopping like 3 times a week. I love what you got and it looks like you ha lot's of FUN! :-) Happy (late) Birthday! ~LoveDolls Forever.

    1. Thank you so much!! Haha! Omigosh me too! I like, ADORE Justice! It's really all I wear ^_^ Thanks again! Yep, it was a BLAST! Thanks again and again! Does that make sense? ;)

  2. I really like that backpack that you got! It's very colorful. Happy belated birthday to you, Jana!

    1. Thanks, Dolly Daydreams!! I agree :) Aww, thanks so much! :D

  3. The pajamas look so cute!

    - Ellie

  4. I like the note book and pencils.. Who was that from.... Oh mwah your welcome bestie.....😆😆😆😆😆😆


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