Hey everyone!! Kanani here!
Today I totally felt like getting out of doors and actually doing something. Our doll family has been cooped inside for a pretty long time, because our sis Rebecca recently broke her leg and also injured her spine and we wanted to be there for her since her doctor said she couldn't really get out of bed :( Anyways, where was I going with that?? Okay. I knoowww.  So I asked mom if I could come with her and run a few errands, and she said yes but also surprised me by stopping by a thrift store by our house!! We were both super pumped up, because that place is kinda like a doll orphanage. They are known to have dolls, sometimes!!
And that is why the header-thingy says "Doll hunting!! " Oh, and for the other words on there, you'll find out about them soon. :D

First I gobbled down a brimming bowl of cereal. You can't shop with an empty stomach!

Here is everything we like to tote around when we go doll- hunting and errand shopping!! A lovely chevron bag and a Starbucks cup ^_^
And if you were wondering why I'm wearing so much "mascara" and "lipstick" , I just felt like it! I mean, why not, right?!?

And this is everything mom likes to keep in her bag when she hits the road to the mall!! A notebook and pen, doll hairbrush for us girlies' hair, my "mascara" , my "lipstick", and her iPad mini :)

Once we got on the road, we decided to stop for a Starbucks!! Here I am, taking a selfie, with the Mocha Frappucchino me and my mom shared ;)

We went to the thrift store, but I didn't find anything. Mom got a purse, though!! I pulled out our camera  (that mom said I could take along) and snapped a real quick SELFIE!!

Then I got suppppperrr bored and used mom's iPad mini to play Crossy Road :D And those legs are.. You guessed it... MOM'S!! Photobomb!! AUGH!! LOL ;)

I had to come along into the store *said mom* annndd just chilled in her purse ^_^
*NOTE FROM JANA* Isn't it embarrassing to do that kind of stuff? I had to bring her in so she wouldn't get super hot and melt in the car, but still. It's like, "who's that 12 year old girl carring around a doll?!?" LOL

Now, back home, I am totally shopped- out!! Time for a little rest. But first, I want to do a real-quick question of the day. 

I also need to wash off my makeup and mascara :)
Anyways, question of the day is:

Have you ever found any awesome doll things at a thrift store or other place??

Bye!! Answer question of the day down below in the comments section. 

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  1. Some of the photos are funny! Great job on the make-up!!!!Cute i like the pic's!:-)

  2. Loved this post, and the makup! I go thrift shopping all the time. Once when I was thrift shopping I found a purse exactly like yours but doll sized! I didn't end up buying it though :( I kinda regret it

    1. Thanks, Iz!! Oh yeah? Oh my goodness! ADORBS, GIRL ^_^

  3. Mocha frappuccinos are the best thing in the world!
    I have the same problem you do with feeling embarrassed carrying my dolls around in public. One time my family took a road trip to California and we went to the Monterey bay aquarium, and while we were there I spotted a girl (who wasn't a little girl) carrying around her american girl doll. It made me guilty about leaving Andie in the car.
    Maybe sometime I will get over that fear of judgement (I can usually handle it when I go to the AG store or walk around with barrett.)
    Nope, I've never been to a thrift store, but I always want to find a thrift store Or a goodwill so I could look for dolls.
    What kind of markers do you use for doll makeup like that? I usually use crayola because it's washable, but they seem too thick.


    1. I use crayola too... thin tip though

      YES!! It can get SOO humiliating! It just looks strange when you're almost a teen and still carring around a little doll. Oh!! SO we're no the only ones who do it! LOL! Yeah. Same here. One night at my swim practice when we were done, a little girl by us sat down on her family's blanket-thingy, and I noticed she had an AG Saige. I went over and kinda started up a conversation with them on AG, ect. (The girl looked around 8, and I was 10 at the moment.) So for the next practice I brought a very large backpack, along with my big swim bag. When me and my mom set up a little area for there to sit on the grass while I swam, I snuck my Saige doll out of the backpack and on to the blanket, too. I was a little shy about it, and eventually decided to put her back in the bag :P Now I probably wouldn't do that ;/
      AND like you mentioned also, Gwen, I feel fine doing it at the AG store. EVERYONE brings their dollies there!!
      It's super fun!!
      Yea, I just use a reg Crayola. It is thick, but all I can find in my room.
      Sorry for such a long comment :P


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