~My favorite names for MAG #61~

Hey peeps!
Ssoo today I will be showin' you my favorite names for My American girl #61!! *pulls out notebook and puts on nerd glasses* Okay!! Let's begin, then, since we have nothing else important to discuss.....

By the end of this post this lovely lady will have some awesome names!! Also, please don't feel offended if I didn't choose your name, I DO NOT mean to offend anyone. All the names you guys gave me were good, I just choose my faves ;)

1. Keahi
2. Taylor
3. Hartley
4. Sadie
5. Tori 

Thanks to everyone who gave me their best names for this girl!! She's a really pretty doll- I just might have to get her someday :)

And since this post is SOO lame (don't you agree) I will be adding some bonus pics of my dollies that I found on this computer ^_^
And if they don't make sense, just say so. 

Kananis get REALLY and MAJORLY afraid of thunderstorms, so whenever lightning strikes she has Isabelle hop in her trundle bed and the girls have a little sleepover. This is from last week.. I think. :)

Okay, this is REALLY strange, buttt. It is Kanani trying to burn calories. LOLOL! Failed attempt, daughter :P

Uhh- Friday night fight about who was to be featured in the Star Wars movie coming out this fall, I think :P Hayley says Princess Leia, and Kanani argues Luke Skywalker. Wierd, huh? They love Star Wars just like their 'momma  xD

Relaxation by a pool with Kanani and Isabelle :)

Kanani-- why is that girl in ALL of these pics?!?!

I love Saige's outfit in this picture, the red, white and blue theme is awesome.

Family photo day. I don't think I posted these because the dirt and things in the background is rotten :P

Hey. Saige is wearing that outfit again!! *radiant grin* Okay, maybe these aren't so rotten after all ^_^

Julie- she's so gorgeous :)

And that is all!! Byyyeee


  1. Awesome pictures :) Taylor is a great name!

    - Ellie

  2. I vote for Sadie! Luv the pics!


  3. Keahi! Fun pictures! That one of Julie is super pretty!:)

  4. Your bonus pictures are just so cute I can't belive it! The one if Julie is awesome!
    Keahi and heartley are my favorites. (Actually I probably suggested Keahi in the first place, didn't I?) oh well.

    1. Thanks so much, dear!! I appreciate your awesome feedback :)
      LOL! Yep, I think you did. Oh well! xD

  5. Replies
    1. I think that one's the winner ;) Thanks for your "vote"! ;D


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