Possibly changing Julie??? :/

Hi everyone!
So lately I've kinda been thinking about my Julie doll. I like the name Julie, but I don't like, ADORE it. I have been thinking of names to possibly rename her (the only one I thought of was Willow :P). Now I found one I liked a lot. If I were to rename Julie I would name her Mckiernan Elle Sevilla Albright, Kiernan for short. *Mckiernan is pronounced MICK-CURE- NAN (or NEN). * I am not completely sure if I really want to, I just wanted some feedback from you guys ^_^
Mckiernan Elle would look like this:

Ya. Just like the old Julie, only with a couple of freckles :) And for those I just used a Crayola marker, 'cause I'm not completely sure I will change Julie. 

And yes, I am going to do a photoshoot today! This photoshoot is to show you guys what Julie would look like if I were to rename her. Like I said before, I might not do this. I just wanted your guys' thoughts!

*credit to my bestie for loaning me the chic dress ^_^*

Please give me your opinions on renaming Julie to Mckiernan Elle down below in the comments!
Also, if I were to rename her I would just pretend I never had a Julie doll, I only had 6 girls and got them a new sis :)

Thanks for reading!!

p.s. I made this collage for my Google+ page, but sadly it wouldn't fit the required size :( Just thought I'd share with you guys :)

bye, again!


  1. I like the new name and the freckles! If you want to change her, I say go for it! :)

    1. Thanks Doll Daydreams! I'm not super sure I will.... :P

  2. I love the new look + name!

    - Ellie

  3. Replies
    1. JUST add crayola brown-marker, and TA-DA! :D

  4. LOVE the new name!!! Honestly, I love it sooo much! and those freckles *gasps* adorable :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Izzy :) I'm glad you like it! Thanks again, dear *grins* you're too nice!

  5. ooooh I love the new name and the dress is super cute!

  6. That name is so unique! The freckles are super cute too! If you don't like how Julie is now, I say change her!:)

    1. I know! My Mom told me about it ;) Thanks for the awesome advice, Emma!


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