the decision (plus a couple of photos)

Hi everyone!
Sorry for not posting since I'm not even sure when. Seems like a while. I hope to get better at posting more often once my homeschooling year is done. (Like, hopefully sometime soon.) ;)
Yeah. I finally decided that I am NOT going to be renaming my Julie. Me and my mom both thought that it's better for AGs to be named their original names. :)
Before I show you ANOTHER photoshoot of Jules (I am so NOT creative today :P) there is one more thing to discuss.
Important. Kind of. ^_^
A little while ago I did a post saying I renamed Isabelle to Isabella. I changed my mind about that. I know a lot of you really liked the new name, I'm SO sorry!!!!! :( :( I just like Isabelle better. So I will be deleting that post & changing the Meet the Dollies page.
Thanks for holding up through this! Now here is another round of pis of Julie.. Stay in your seats!

I love to take shots of my dolls' feet ^_^

These were all 100% SOOC. (SOOC: STRAIGHT OUT OF CAMERA.)
I like this shoot better than the last one :)



  1. These are super pretty! I love the flowers and her shoes! :)

  2. I am in love with her shoes! They are from our generation, right?

  3. I LOVE her shoes! Awesome pictures! :)

    - Ellie


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