the new addition

I stared at the tattered piece of notebook paper in my hand. On it was listed in bold letters the address of a house that was to be my new home. Forever. 
That is, if I could find it. 

I walked slowly on, lugging my suitcase and holding my jet-black purse and the note.
It was hot. 
Even though I only had a few pieces of clothing tucked away in my suitcase, it was heavy. 
And to top that off, I couldn't find the address. 

I stopped abruptly in front of a house that seemed to match the address on the paper. 
I ran up to the front door and rang the doorbell twice, even though the house seemed quiet. Except for a faint sound of Christian Pop music. 
Yahoo!! I thought. I believed, too!

The music clicked off, and I heard light, daint footsteps sound towards me. 

A young girl with blond hair opened and closed the door with a big grin. 
"Heya!" she exclaimed. "What's up?"
"Hi!" I began. "I was just wondering-"
"Waaaiiitt a sec," the girl cut in. She looked me over for a moment. Then her mouth broke into yet another enormous smile.

She pounced on me with a big, warm hug. 
"Ruthie!! Mom told us we might get a new sister but I didn't.... I wasn't sure.... Anyways, yay!!"

I laughed. "Wait- is this the place?"
The girl, my new sister, nodded. 
I beamed.
My forever home....
"This is totally great, girl!" I cried. "Hey, I almost forgot. You are??"

"Oh!" She exclaimed. "Yeah. I'm Isabelle Palmer. And your other 6 sisters should arrive from their last day of school soon! ASAP!!" 
We smiled.
My forever sisters..... 

Isabelle put her arm around me and led me inside the house. 
"Welcome to your new home, Ruthie!!"

i'm so sorry about the quality of these photos they are super blurry 

as the story said, 
Ruthie Faye Smithens joined the DD crew on June 13!! :D :D :D :D :D 
My mom went to a yearly book sale thing and saw her sitting on a doll stand on top of some books. My mom immediately called me at home but I didn't pick up (what do you expect when the call tone is on vibrant?? xD)
Anyways, she finally just got Ruthie for $50.
Her limbs are tight, hair wavy yet soft, not one mark on her body......
the hair is great
no mean to brag, of course.

so sorry these are the worst photos ever i just realized i'm not a good photographer

This is a really wierd pic but it captures her face ^_^

anyways byeeyeyyee


the haul :) (plus her meet outfit and sorry the photo looks like a cloud was taken in front of it)


  1. So cute! You're such a good writer!

    - Ellie

  2. Congrats on your new doll! I'm sure she'll feel at home.

    1. Thank you, Dolly Daydreams! Yea, she's already joined in with the arguments of the other girlies >.<

  3. Adorable photostory! Congrats on Ruthie! She is such a little cutie! ;)

  4. Thank you all so very much! You are all very lovely peoples >.< :)


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