A tiny break :P

Hi peeps! Hoowww'ss life?
Anyways, so this week my Great-Grandma and also my Grandma are coming where I live to stay with me and my family! {I'm super excited ^_^} So because of that I decided to take a small break while they're here.... It should be a week to two weeks tops ;)
That's all the FYI I have for you beauties today... Sorry I haven't really been on my posting schedule lately :P And another sorry for not repling to your guys's sweet comments on time :>
Alrighty, see you people soon!
jana <3

Ohh... Wait a sec :D I seem to find some pics in my camera..

Here's what the girls look like at the moment ;O ( this pic was taken just now :D)
{ And if you were wondering about the pink papers, I made those for my Great-Grandma to remember my dolls by C:}

And here is a photo of Rebecca ^_^
Bye now!


Petals and pretty lace dresses {a photoshoot}

Hi readers :D
 Since I have no awesome photostories up my sleeve today, I'm just going to be showing you some pics of my Isabelle I took a couple of days ago ;)

My mom bought roses for the 4th and she gave some of the fallen petals to me. I was like, what's a better thing to do with rose petals than a photoshoot?

After the {main} shoot I had fun just playing around with the petals and making designs with them :)

Behind the scenes pic! The background was my room's door with some glittery fabric thrown over it ;)

I also felt like taking some photos of the gorgeous roses.....

And then some with Saige by the roses... I know, the title of this post isn't exactly true :P I guess you could call these pictures... Bonus pics? XD
Anyways, here they are.

Talk to you later! The weather is cooler where I live today so I hope to get some pics outdoors of my dolls  :D


Organizing the doll nook ;)

Hey guys!
My doll shelf-area thing has looked really unorganized lately, so I decided today to officially organize and re-do it ;) While sorting through the clutter I took some photos for you all......

Eek!! See what I mean by UNORGANIZED?? Time to get to wooorkkk....

This is where I store all my doll clothes. Also in need of an update but that will be saved for another day ;)

This a bedroom setup I made a few weeks ago...

I started by completely removing all the thingies from the middle nook.
I know you are all very jealous XD

Here's the after result of the middle compartment! The things are way easier to get to, that's nice.

As for the right compartment, it doesn't need to be sorted through.

Hmm.... Let's take a look at the left bin.

And you should see the bottom of the bin.

This bin is like 1 1/2 feet long and full of random doll books, a few scattered dust bunnies, plus it contains a lot of my doll bedding things.

All of the things dumped out...
Now I dust the inside of the container and put the doll things back inside one by one.
this seriously took me all afternoon to do guys

The after photo :>

This container is used for my doll kitchen things- aprons, spoons, mixers, ect. It came from the right storage thing:
I just thought I'd show you an extra bin I chose not to organize today ;)

And finally, my dolls' storage thing is CLEANED!!
I also added on some stickers :)
Now for a few new doll setups I created:

A spa

And a bed-sleepover thing :)

I had written out this post earlier, but Blogger wouldn't let me post it :(  SO I had to re-type the whole thing!
At least it's up now :)

Happy (late) 4th of July!!

Thanks for reading and have a FAB day!!