The millionth photoshoot :P

Hey guys!
First off I wanted to say SORRY for not being the best blogger lately as far as posting. I ended up taking a much longer break then I had planned. My room is being painted a turquoise blue aqua color, so I've been busy overseeing that ;) And also now that summer break is here for me, I've really been in the kitchen a lot more lately, and just yesterday, I decided when I'm older I'll probably be a chef ^_^

Before I get into the thousandth photoshoot on here ( XD ) here are just random pics of my room getting done :)

And then that wall above is being stenciled. As you can see, we used tape to make chevron stripes :) About half of the tape is peeled away in that photo- today we take the rest of it down!  Yay!
I have other pics but can't show them to you guys because they have people in them :(
Now for some nature pics! 
Bear with me!

I was taking photos in this good nature spot then realized I was being watched by this 5-6" lizard! Ick! I got away from there quick  >_<

No editing systems used. And sorry for SOOOOO many photos! I was bored XD

Yes I know the flowers are fake.


The chickens in our backyard actually turned out to be somewhat photogenic!

Now here are a thousand pictures of Rebecca. Can you tell I favorite her?

I think I really like this one.

Thanks for looking and have a fabulous day :D



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  2. Your room looks great! I'm currently redecorating my room as well. I love the pictures, too!

    1. Thank you, Dolly Daydreams!! :D Wow, really? It's so fun to bring on a new look ^_^ Thanks again!


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