What would you name this bunny?

Hi guys! I'm back today with another post! :D
So today I'm going to be doing an out of subject, adorable, random post.
Remember when I used to do WHAT WOULD YOU NAME THIS DOLL posts? Well, this post is like those- I'll give you a photo of this boy Holland Lop rabbit and you'll comment down below your favorite name ideas for him!

this is the bunny you're going to name :)

My Holland Lop Pixie had a litter of 3 baby bunnies not to long ago, and because she hardly ever has blackish bunnies my family decided to keep this one ;)
Bad news is we can't decide on a name for him! So if you guys could give us your best names for this little guy below in the comments, it would be so nice!

He's SO fluffy XD

He's the size of my hand ;)

And this is the whole crew (minus the father to the baby bunnies ;)) You guys can probably tell the big rabbit is the mama to all the little ones. We are also keeping the white runt from this batch- the other bigger white baby we are selling ( it's the one to the far left.) Maybe I will do a what would you name this bunny for the little white one, too ;)

So that's it! Be sure to comment below your best names for this little fluffball, and I then once we decide on a name for him I will tell you guys :D

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!


  1. Aw! Your bunny is ADORABLE! I would name him Fluffy, obviously because he's fluffy XD
    ~Kelsi <3 :)

  2. I know this is kind of cliche but you should name him Thumper!

    1. Yeah, name him Thumper! So cute! :)

      P.S. The title of this post made me laugh! Thanks for that smile!

      Allie D.

  3. Awww, too cute!! I would name him Popcorn, Gadget, or Mr. Fluffs! :) Can't wait to find out what you name him!!!

  4. I was thinking Rocky (like Doll Daydreams said) or Oreo.


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