~Review of Grace's City Outfit~

{Requested by Emma :)}
Hey readers! ^-^ Yesterday I got a request to review Grace's City Outfit, which I just got, so I decided to write up a little review post for you! :) I didn't have anything else to post about, so why not, right? ^-^ Without further ado.... Let's begin!

Grace's City Outfit is sold for $34 and it comes with four items- a red "love" shirt, black tweed shorts, a pair of red and pink shoes, and last but not least, a headband. Let's start with the headband!

The headband has a fabric-y bow, the rest of it is plastic. It is kind of bendy, so you kind of have to be careful you don't bend it. Don't leave it on the floor for your puppy to chew on! XD Other than that, it fits easily on your dolls' heads and it super cute. 

The shoe's in this outfit have a leather-y feel, and a fabric bow sewed onto each shoe. They fit super easily onto your dolls' feet :) 

As you can see in the picture above, the color of the shoes matches the color of the bow on the headband perfectly! :) nvm my thumb in the pic xD

Next we have these shorts! From a far away distance you'd think they're sparkly...

But actually they're made with a tweed-like material!

I love these shorts. They're super cute, and they look so great on Grace, with her blackish-brown hair!

And the awesome thing is, they have 2 pockets on the front!

Front view ^-^

And back view! Sadly they don't have pockets on the back side... Oh well :P

And yep- the Grace logo! AG started adding the GOTY's name to their clothing when Isabelle came out. So Grace has her name stitched onto her clothing in her collection, too ;)

Moving onto the shirt!
This shirt is so adorable. It's rather soft, and it has sequins added onto the heart above the word "Love" as you can see. :) The thing I just love about this shirt is the collar- what a great touch! 

The tag on the shirt (feel free to ask me why I included a photo of this into the post XD)

And you might think there's actually a white shirt underneath the sweater.. There isn't! It's just a sewed on collar. Isn't that neat?

It's actually really nice too. x3

This is what the shirt looks like on the doll :) The good news is I haven't had mine snag yet! Hopefully it never does =)

The velcro on it isn't thick, more thin (which is nice :])

The Grace logo is added into this sweater as well :)

And that's Grace's City Outfit! I love mine to pieces.. It's SO great for mix and match! Especially the shorts.. I will use mine all the time :3 I would highly recommend getting it if you're considering. And if you were wondering what I rate this outfit, I rate it...
9.9 out of 10!

I hope you found this review helpful! If you would like me to review any of my other items please let me know- I will for sure have a post up ASAP :] 
Thank you for reading, have a great day! :)


AG store Scottsdale photos + a new doll?!

 Hey ladies! ^_^ Guess where I went on Sunday? The American Girl Store in Scottsdale, AZ!! Can I just tell you I've been dying to get there? I was planning on going with my Mom the Sunday before the previous Sunday (if that makes sense x3) but however it didn't work out so we went last Sunday :) This was my 2nd time to go to an AG store/Place {I went to AGP in New York once with my Aunt.. So fun!} Also- if you were wondering.. Only a few AG stores are referred to as American Girl Places! My store is known as an American Girl Store :P ^-^ Okay, where were we? Sorry I like to ramble sometimes xD Anyways, let me show you some of the pics I took at my store! I brought Kanani and Isabelle with ;) And of course my camera- how else would I get these photos? In no order, here are the pics I took!

Kanani in Julie's car (I just realized I forgot to take photos of all of the Beforever dolls' displays... So sorry, guys! :/ :( :C :C

Here's Isabelle visiting Grace and her bakery! "Hi Grace! Congrats on being the next GOTY! Could I have a macaroon?"  "Hey Isabelle! Thank you! Sure, macaroons coming right up!"

I thought this display was cute ^_^

Oh my gosh- I love the doll in the red dress! So cute! I need to get her :D 

The Truly Me displays (no, they're not the same, they display different dolls) ;)

I like that doll too ^_^

Truly Me pets!

One of Grace's displays :) She has such cute stuff....

And another Truly Me display... Sorry these aren't in order :P

AG store exclusives display~

And some beautiful Grace dolls!
Now... I did get a doll.... GUESS WHO I GOT!! Place your guesses, people! Okay, times up! I gottt.....

GRACE THOMAS!!!! Ahh! She's so adorable! <3 I searched through ALL of the Grace dolls at my store to find just the perfect one... This one! She was one of the last ones I found actually :3 I took some more photos of her in her box at the store...

-sorry you can see my camera :/-

Here's everything I got at the store! I didn't buy that much because of the prices... I only bought what I absolutely loved ;) And with this I do not mean to brag in any way, just showing you guys ;) I also got something for my BFF, Amariah, but I can't show you because she might be reading this... Surprise, bestie!!! :D :D :D :D :D

I got a store exclusives star top!

Grace's City Outfit- I've wanted this ever since it was released ^-^

And now... The best for last... Grace! I'm so happy to have her in my doll family ^_^ I snapped a few shots of her outside by some flowers wearing her City Outfit! The photos aren't the greatest... Oh well :P 

I love the way her freckles sprinkle across her nose ^_^

Her lips.. her lips... <3 <3 I love how it looks like they have lip gloss on them (the actually don't) :D 

And those are the photos! 
I feel so blessed to have Grace as one of my dolls- I love everything about her ^_^ Again, no mean to brag in any way! I hope to do another photoshoot of her soon to show you guys some of her other features :) And I just realized I'll need to change my header because of a new doll... better get to work on that :P

Thank you for reading! Have a rockin' afternoon x3