AG store Scottsdale photos + a new doll?!

 Hey ladies! ^_^ Guess where I went on Sunday? The American Girl Store in Scottsdale, AZ!! Can I just tell you I've been dying to get there? I was planning on going with my Mom the Sunday before the previous Sunday (if that makes sense x3) but however it didn't work out so we went last Sunday :) This was my 2nd time to go to an AG store/Place {I went to AGP in New York once with my Aunt.. So fun!} Also- if you were wondering.. Only a few AG stores are referred to as American Girl Places! My store is known as an American Girl Store :P ^-^ Okay, where were we? Sorry I like to ramble sometimes xD Anyways, let me show you some of the pics I took at my store! I brought Kanani and Isabelle with ;) And of course my camera- how else would I get these photos? In no order, here are the pics I took!

Kanani in Julie's car (I just realized I forgot to take photos of all of the Beforever dolls' displays... So sorry, guys! :/ :( :C :C

Here's Isabelle visiting Grace and her bakery! "Hi Grace! Congrats on being the next GOTY! Could I have a macaroon?"  "Hey Isabelle! Thank you! Sure, macaroons coming right up!"

I thought this display was cute ^_^

Oh my gosh- I love the doll in the red dress! So cute! I need to get her :D 

The Truly Me displays (no, they're not the same, they display different dolls) ;)

I like that doll too ^_^

Truly Me pets!

One of Grace's displays :) She has such cute stuff....

And another Truly Me display... Sorry these aren't in order :P

AG store exclusives display~

And some beautiful Grace dolls!
Now... I did get a doll.... GUESS WHO I GOT!! Place your guesses, people! Okay, times up! I gottt.....

GRACE THOMAS!!!! Ahh! She's so adorable! <3 I searched through ALL of the Grace dolls at my store to find just the perfect one... This one! She was one of the last ones I found actually :3 I took some more photos of her in her box at the store...

-sorry you can see my camera :/-

Here's everything I got at the store! I didn't buy that much because of the prices... I only bought what I absolutely loved ;) And with this I do not mean to brag in any way, just showing you guys ;) I also got something for my BFF, Amariah, but I can't show you because she might be reading this... Surprise, bestie!!! :D :D :D :D :D

I got a store exclusives star top!

Grace's City Outfit- I've wanted this ever since it was released ^-^

And now... The best for last... Grace! I'm so happy to have her in my doll family ^_^ I snapped a few shots of her outside by some flowers wearing her City Outfit! The photos aren't the greatest... Oh well :P 

I love the way her freckles sprinkle across her nose ^_^

Her lips.. her lips... <3 <3 I love how it looks like they have lip gloss on them (the actually don't) :D 

And those are the photos! 
I feel so blessed to have Grace as one of my dolls- I love everything about her ^_^ Again, no mean to brag in any way! I hope to do another photoshoot of her soon to show you guys some of her other features :) And I just realized I'll need to change my header because of a new doll... better get to work on that :P

Thank you for reading! Have a rockin' afternoon x3


  1. Congrats! Have you received my emails? Thanks! :)

    Allie D.

  2. Congrats! Have you received my emails? Thanks! :)

    Allie D.

    1. Thank you! :3 Just replied- sorry for being late about that :/

  3. Congratulations! I had a feeling that you might get her!;) She's so pretty and I really like the City outfit!:D Could you possibly do a review?:) Congratulations again, she really is a gorgeous doll and I love the pics!

    1. Thanks!!! ^-^ LOL, really? Thank you so much! Just got the review up, hope you find it helpful ^-^ Aww, thank you SO much Emma! ^-^

  4. I'm glad you got her.

  5. Eee, awesome! I love the Grace you picked, and the city outfit!


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