All of my AG pets!

Hi girls! Yesterday, while I was outdoors in my front yard taking some photos for a Photo Contest (click on "Photo Contest" to view complete details) with this week's category being pets, I decided to put a little "My AG pets" post! All of my pets are from AG. (that's kind of obvious from the title of this post XD) Enjoy!


So the first pet we have here is Pepper! She's a Siberian Husky dog and she belongs to Hayley ^_^ He thinks he is the "guardian of the house" sometimes and it cracks all the dolls up LOL
{Pepper is no longer sold from AG- he was the "Pepper dog and Book"}

Here's Stella! She's a feisty Tabby kitten. Her original owner was Isabelle, but since Izzy has a dog already, I'm thinking Stella might go to Ruthie (she is pet-less XD) Stella likes to be outdoors and climb trees.
{Stella is a renamed GOTY Marisol's kitten, and she is no longer sold from AG}

This is Chocolate Chip! He's a lab puppy and his owner is Isabelle. She loves to take him for walks and play with him!
{A similar Chocolate Chip dog is still available from AG- labeled the "Chocolate Lab puppy"}

Next we have Jasmine! She is a mutt mix puppy, and belongs to Julie. She enjoys a walk around town ^_^
{Jasmine is still available from AG, sold in "Julie's Dog Walking set"}

Here's Rembrant! He's a purebred Border Collie. Saige is very proud of her dog and loves to showcase him around town (take him for walks ;) ) He enjoys it just as much as she does!
{Rembrant is retired from AG- he was "Saige's Dog"}

The newest (and most energetic) pet of the doll family is Doodles! He's a little Goldendoodle puppy (sold from AG as the Apricot Poodle Puppy), and his owner is Rebecca. Rebecca and Doodles are both pretty similar- outgoing, playful, and sweet ^_^ 
{Doodles is still available from AG- he is sold as the "Apricot Poodle Puppy"}

That's all for today's post- which pet was your favorite?


  1. Wow, awesome pet collection! :) I think my favorite is either Stella or Jasmine. They are all cute, though. ;)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. TYSM, Lydia! Thank you for commenting ^_^

  2. Wow those are all just so adorable!!

    1. Thank you so much, Nablia!! :) I just love American Girls' pets, don't you? :D

  3. Thanks for including me! Doodles is so cute! :)

    Allie D.


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