Doll family photoshoot :)

Hi! How is your afternoon going? ^_^
A few weeks ago I took all my dolls outdoors together for a family photoshoot! Hope you guys enjoy!~~

Ugh- WIND!! Did I mention it was super windy outside the day I took these photos? It took me about an hour and a half to take all of these pics- the dolls kept falling down like dominoes! LOL One would fall, then the rest would follow xD

What's that object in the top left of this photo? A chicken? I maybe should've edited these C:

"And WHY is it that I have to tow you guy in??! You all must weigh a thousand pounds, and I'm wearing heels! HEELS! UGH!! AHH!" 
Oh, Hayley is so dramatic ^_^ And yes, the above pic is how I transported all my dolls outside! Yes, Hayley didn't really have to push the plastic container >_<

Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed! What was your favorite photo in today's photoshoot?

Somehow my header for this blog got super blurry, so I'm considering making a new one (which means a whole different blog design.) What do you guys think???
I have one more doll- outdoors photoshoot ready, so look out for that anytime!

Wow, this post is going on forever! I have one more thing to announce before I hit "publish" on this post, however... An update on my blog button! I decided I am going to use..

This one!! I like the colors and all :) I still have a few final things to work out before I officially declare it as my blog button ^_^ Get ready to do some button swaps with me!

And finally, that's all! Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I like the tenth photo the best!

  2. They look adorable! If you need help deciding any changes for your design...I'll gladly help! :) Have a great weekend friend! (and a happy next week!)

    Allie D.

    1. Thank you! :) Oh- I would say yes but I just changed my design and I'm pretty happy with the turnout ;) Thanks anyways! I'll have to let you know whenever I want to change it again :D Aww, thank you! You too- enjoy your life <3

  3. Taking photos of multiple dolls is so hard! Even without wind! As soon as you get one balanced and positioned all right the other one falls over.
    I think you did a lovely job. That must've took way more than my standard teaspoon of patience.
    Ok. And I love Julie's scarf.

    1. I know!! You totally described it! Thank you so much ^_^ Yes, I was kind of freaking out- I gotta admit.. X3 Thanks again, Gwen! *hugs*

  4. AWWW! Rebecca's hat is SO cute! Great pictures!:)

    1. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

  5. Oh how I love doll family photoshoots! They always turn out very stressful ;)


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