Editing 3 rather boring shots with PicMonkey :)

Hi readers! :) I just finished editing 3 edit-worthy photos on an editing system called PicMonkey ( ~CLICK HERE~) and I thought I would show you the power of editing systems! xD I don't use editing systems much, but when I do ( like today) I use PicMonkey ^_^ Now let's get into the photos!!

Here is the first pic we'll be editing! One I took of Saige a year ago (seriously) :D The coloring is kind of blah, so let's change that!

Now let's edit the photo a little more... In this case we'll be using PicMonkey's Orton edit.

One photo edited! I gave it a title and save it.

Next! This one is beautiful, except for Isabelle's blue hair tie which clearly shows in the photo. We can change that!

I used PicMonkey's Lip Tint on the hair tie, giving it a color that matches Isabelle's dress. Sweet!


Next photo! It's pretty good too.. Except on the left side of the photo you can see garden weeds... Let's crop this one.


Then the best part.. Saving the photo!
Here are all the photos I edited.....




(the hair tie still kind of shows.. Oops)



Hope you guys enjoyed! Do you use any editing systems? If so, which ones? 
Before I log off I have a few announcements to make.

1. So on the topic of blog buttons- IDK if I want to use 
because of the blurry factor. What do you think? I think I'll just try and edit that baby again and try and get it less blurry. We'll see. 

2. In my last post I mentioned that I might go to the American Girl Place Arizona on Sunday, however, my mom got a terrible headache so I didn't get to go :P I haven't gone to the AGP in AZ yet, so I really hope to go soon (if you didn't know, I live in AZ :)) so whenever I go I will let you guys know and take some photos!

3. I'm currently re-designing my blog! I just took some pics of Julie before this post, so I'm planning to get to work on the blog design right after I finish this post ^_^

Okay, that's all! Thank you for reading- have an amazing day! <3 you guys! <3


  1. If I can go to AZ with my dad, I'm going to go to the store is Scottsdale!

    1. IKR? I haven't gone yet and I'm DYYIINNG to go! >-<

  2. Replies
    1. Well yes the header's a little off but other than that. Thanks Gwen ^_^

  3. I usually use picmonkey and also I like your new design

    1. PicMokey's a nice editing system, isn't it? ^_^ Aww, thank you Nabila!! :)

  4. Oh! I love the After of the first picture! Much brighter!:D I really love your new header, it's so cute!:)

    1. Thank you so much, Emma! Editing systems are so awesome ^_^ Thanks! :)

  5. I really love the edited photo of Rebecca, I usually never have time to edit pictures but when I do I love it!


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