Happy 1st day of Fall! + a photoshoot

Happy 1st day of Fall, guys! I'm really glad Fall is here; I live in Arizona and the weather is EXTREMELY hot during the Summer. Also- I started this blog on October 21, 2014 so my blogiversary is coming up! Yippee! *hops up and down* I don't have anything special planned for that I guess- maybe I'll do a post on my changed photography skills- we'll see :3
Today I took Saige outside for some shots- I know I've been loading you guys with photoshoots lately, but Saige hasn't been in front of a camera in forever! C: And I guess you could say these pics are FOOC (fresh out of camera) because I just took them this morning. X3 And sorry the background of the pics isn't very Fall-ish... None of the trees/bushes in my yard have leaves that are changing color yet. :P Anyways, enjoy!

this photo is so not Fall like... Ugh X3


By the way, what do you guys think of my new design? I need to work on the header a little more but otherwise I like it! Thoughts?

That's all for today.. Bye guys!


  1. These pictures are great!:) I love the last one!!:D

  2. Cool pics and I like your new design

  3. These photos are so beautiful!! I love Saige's outfit! Its so cute. :)

  4. Love the photos! And I love the background and the header. The header is so cute!


  5. I really like the new blog design, the outfit is very cute!


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