A few random doll pics C:

Hello!!! :)
Before I get into this post I just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to Allie D. for my new blog header!!!! She does free blog designing, and I needed a new header (but every time I tried to make one on PicMonkey the page would always crash :C ) So I went to Allie for help, and voila! I love this header, it goes so well with the design! Thank you SO much, Allie!! :) You can view Allie's fabulous blog by clicking *HERE* and her blog design blog *HERE* :)
So today I browsed through the photos on my camera and found a few I took last year :D I Thought I would share them with you- enjoy! :)

I personally love these but her hair tie... XD

So in 2014 me and my family took this huge vacation, and we drove practically across the US, LOL! Anyways, this pic and the one after it were taken on that trip :) I brought Saige and Isabelle, and when we got to our destination I got Rebecca from my Great-Grandma :)

Sweet Becky <3

Sweet Izzy <3

I took these photos on that trip- they were supposed to be a photostory called "Saige Goes Down to the Lake" but after glancing through the photos I didn't think they would make a very exciting photostory xD

I LOVE this pic! The dolls are my doll (Rebecca, left) and my BFF's doll (Laniey, right.) :D We pretended they went camping together ;) 

LOL LOL LOL! I think I'm going to post this on my Google+ after this post- this is a good pic xD
Thank you for reading! :)


Grace's Sightseeing Outfit

YAY! Guess what? My Grace's Sightseeing Outfit from AG came today! :D I love it <3 I dressed Grace in it and took a couple pics for you guys to see it ^-^

<3 <3 <3 the bow!

The skirt that comes with the outfit is so cool! I love the feel of it C:


Oh, and yes, if you guys haven't noticed, I found a new place for photoshoots! I have this sugar beet thing growing in my backyard, and it produces these pretty tan leaves. I personally think it's a great spot for some photos x3

Then I moved to a different spot to take more photos of the shoes :) They're so cute, and I love how AG has never made any like them before! :)

Thanks for looking! :)


School Tag Award & a small photo-shoot of Saige~

Hi everyone! :) Allie nominated me for the School Tag Award, and I decided to do it today :) Thank you so much for the nomination, Allie! :D Now, without further ado, let's begin!

1. Link up to the person who created the tag. (Nabila created this tag ^_^)
2. Put a link to the person who tagged you. (Allie)
3. Tag at least 3 other people to do this tag.
4. Put the picture above in your post.

Here are the questions:

Q. What grade are you in?
A. 7th :)

Q. What kind of school are you in? (Elementary, Middle School, or High School)
A. Middle School.

Q. What is your opinion of school?
A. I don't mind it, I guess. I mean, after 5 days it gets kind of annoying, but then the weekend comes and I get a break! :D Also, I'm homeschooled- it's awesome ^_^   Overall, I don't think school's too bad ;)

Q. What is your favorite subject overall?
A. Probably history. I used to not like it, but now it's not so bad :)

Q. What is your favorite academic subject? (Reading or math)
A. Reading. Unless the math is fractions XD

Q. What is your favorite non-academic subject?
A. Writing. I do this fun writing program and it really helped me improve my doll photostories :D

I nominate:
Amariah E. (my online and offline BFF :) She has a private Blogger blog, and she can either answer the questions on there or on her G+ :) Can't wait to see your answers, Bestie!)

 So for your girls' questions- for this tag you just answer the ones Nabila came up with:
What grade are you in?
What kind of school are you in? (Elementary, Middle School, or High School)
What is your opinion of school?
What is your favorite subject overall?
What is your favorite academic subject? (Reading or math)
What is your favorite non-academic subject?

Have fun with this tag! :)

I also have a small photoshoot of Saige :)

Not many photos and they aren't the greatest, but whatever XD I feel kind of guilty because most of my photoshoots on here are of Ruthie and Isabelle :P Poor Kanani, Kit and Hayley- they haven't been in front of the camera in ages! LOL! I should take some shots of them this week :) LOL, I just realized I don't even have any photos of Kanani in my camera XD I keep the photos I love of my dolls and sometimes I print some of them out so I can hang them in my dolls' bedrooms if you were wondering what I meant by that ;)

See you guys next time! :D


Opening the Music and Movies Entertainment set from AG!

Hey! :D Guess what? I think I told you guys how I ordered an order from AG and one of the two items was backordered. The non backordered item was supposed to arrive today, but instead it came yesterday! :) I took some photos of opening it and I thought I would share them! And before I get into this post, I just wanted to say I have no mean to brag in any way, shape or form with this post. I'm just showing you guys :)
Okay, so I got....
1. Grace's Sightseeing Outfit (backordered)
 And 2. is... The Truly me Music and Movies Entertainment set!
My Great- Grandma (the one who bought me most of my dolls) heard that I got Grace, and she told me to pick some things for her or my doll kitchen set. I decided to get those two things. Grace's Sightseeing outfit is supposed to come Wednesday, so expect another post on that soon! :)

The box! :D

What the box looked like inside ^_^

The TV and the stand are shipped/sold like this. C:
Now let me show you the little things this set comes with :)

These adorable little boxes have different sides and they fit into the TV stand C:

These are the different slides that fit into the TV!

The little disc-inserter thing (this is SO cute in person!)

Here's the TV without any slides! It has this white background :)

The movies that come with this set are so cute! ;D

Some more little accessories :)

The discs (they actually fit into the disc player! Isn't that cute?)

Some doll sized 3D glasses ;)

And these fit into the TV stand's doors. :)
Here's what the set looks like all together! 

Isn't it adorable? I'm sorry for the bad photo :P

So the TV actually lights up! (When you put batteries into it, of course. ;))

Inside the little cabinet thing my dolls are storing the 3D glasses and someone's iPhone XD 

All in all, me and my dollies love this set! It looks so real, and it's just so cute! :) I can see myself using this a lot in my doll play ;) I especially like how the TV stand in real wood :D
Oh, you want to know something funny? So on their website AG says for this set "Adult assembly required!"  In the box the TV stand is put together, and so is the TV, so what needs to be built? The truth is, nothing does XD The "adult assembly" is putting the batteries into the TV, and TBH, I did that myself. LOL! AG is funny sometimes ;D
Thanks for reading, and have an awesome weekend! ^_^

P.S. Like my new design? Sweet Allie D. made me this header, and I thought I'd use it ;) What do you guys think of the design? Should I leave it like this? Thanks! :)