Help with headers + Grace added to the Meet the Dollies page!

Hi! :) Like my title? "Help with headers" sounds strange but whatever. XD But yes- I do need some help with headers today :P So my current header has all of my dolls on in except Kit and Grace, so I decided it's probably time to make a new one! I made two headers with PicMonkey and now I need your guys' opinions on which one to use :D

Option #1

Option #2

Yes.. the headers aren't the greatest... They'll sort of act as a stand- in until I make a better, fancier one ;) I look forward to hearing your feedback! 

Before I leave I just wanted to inform you that Grace has been added to my Meet the Dollies page! Check it out! ^_^ I have also been editing my dolls' profiles- Ruthie's has been changed a little bit so check out that as well :) 
Well, I believe that's all for today! Have an awesome weekend ^_^ See you tomorrow (hopefully, I'm trying to get better at my posting :D)


  1. I adore the first one! It just looks so elegant and neat, and I love the pushpin at the top!

  2. I like the 2 one the best but it is a very close call

  3. I vote for the first one!:)


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