OOTD with all the dolls & OG kitchen setup!

Hello! I've been sick with a cold since Friday, so that's why I haven't posted as often as usual :( Annd the weather where I live's been rainy and humid- not the best for photoshoots and anyways I didn't feel like taking pics of my dolls outside while sick ;) Today, though, I felt better and took these photos for you guys in my room on what all my dolls are currently dressed in and a small kitchen setup ^_^ Enjoy!
(sorry for the big gap, my mistake :/)

Overview :)
In no particular order:

Kit is wearing a dress (Isabelle's Metallic Dress from AG, retired) complete outfit, minus the leggings. 

Anndd on her head is this adorable hat/beanie (whatever you want to call it x3) made by my mom ^_^

Kanani is in her PJ's (Kanani's Pajamas, from AG, retired.)

Hayley is wearing some Converse OG (Our Generation) shoes (which I love). I don't remember the name of them :/

Hayley's outfit includes a blue shirt from AG (Everyday Play Jumper shirt, retired), a sweater from AG (Saige's Sweater outfit sweater, retired), and shorts from AG (Grace's City outfit shorts.)

Miss Rebecca is wearing an AG store top (unsure of name), some AG pajama bottoms (AG Ruthie's Pajamas bottoms, retired), 

and some AG slippers, which come with the PJ pants. Love these slippers! <3

Moving on... Saige is currently in this adorable AG dress (IDK the name- sorry guys :(  ) :)

And her shoes are sold with the dress ^_^ Aren't the bows cute?

Isabelle is wearing her meet outfit shoes, 

Her coral sweater from AG (retired) , and her meet outfit pants. ;)

Also, I don't know if you could see, but underneath her sweater she is wearing a cami from AG as well (retired, unsure of exact name) ;)

Julie has on these shoes from one of Lanie's outfits from AG (they're retired, and I think they come from Lanie's Butterfly Outfit) , 

And an outfit from AG (I think the sweater is from Lanie's Butterfly Outfit, which is retired, and the skirt is from one of Molly's outfits, and it's retired.) :)

Grace is wearing a dress from AG (Julie's Calico Dress)

Leggings from AG Isabelle's Metallic Dress (retired)

And shoes from AG Saige's Sweater outfit (retired. Wow I have a lot of retired things XD)

Last but not least, Ruthie! She has on a hat from one of Molly's outfits (retired, from AG), 

Her sweater from Grace's City outfit (AG), 

Her leggings/pants are from AG (included in Saige's Sweater outfit),

And her Converse are from Sophia's ;)
(again, sorry for the gap! I should fix this but I don't feel like it. In other words, I'm feeling lazy.) xD

Here's an overview of the kitchen :D

Over here in this corner we have the my dolls' table, and on it are two placemats, a pumkin decoration, a couple of books, a phone, a mug, a computer, a pretzel container, and milk which one of the dolls left out. (Grace will be furious. She likes the kitchen spotless, as it is her 2nd home. LOL!)

This computer is ADORABLE. I like to pretend that my dolls blog on the blog on the "screen" ;)

Moving on! Here's the kitchen sink.. Somebody forgot to do her dishes....

Here's a dish rack, with a few things drying ;)

And here's what Grace is cooking for lunch! She also has some hamburger thawing out for my dolls' dinner ;D

Inside the oven lots of baking goods are being made! My dolls like to cook while it's cool outside, and fall's a great time to do that ^_^

Inside the microwave we have a mug. It looks like one of the dolls forgot about putting it in there :P

For time's sake, I decided not to show you guys the other things ;)

Here's the fridge!

Inside.... My dolls need to eat something- the fridge is bursting!

And that's all for today! I have a small photoshoot ready so hopefully I'll have that up soon :)
Thank you for reading! :D


  1. I ❤️ Your kitchen. I really want a real kitchen. Cuz it's cool! ^_^ cute doll outfits as well! :D

    1. Thank you Bestie! I know ;) YASS kitchens are very cool ^_^ Thank you so much, Bestie! ^_^ ^_^

  2. Awesome post! The kitchen setup is super cute and detailed. I think my favorite outfits are Julie's and Grace's.

  3. Wow! You have a lot of dolls! I love the OG kitchen!

    1. I know ;D Dolls are my life ^_^ Thank you! :)


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